Boxing Returns to The Hobby in 2009!

Almost since the beginning of Wax Heaven I have been pleading with card companies to release a full boxing set. Topps teased collectors with boxing inserts in 2008 Co-Signers but unfortunately the checklist with a few exceptions left a lot to be desired.

Well, it appears that my prayers have been answered by the look of these mock-ups of what will ultimately be 2009 Ringside Boxing Round One. Although the checklist is not complete, boxers such as Mike Tyson, Lennox Lewis, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Joe Frazier, and Vinny Paz are already committed to the set.

Furthermore, all the cards will be hard signed meaning you won’t find a single sticker and there will even be Turkey Red style inserts and plenty of fight-worn memorabilia found in the set. You can see one of the Turkey Red style inserts of Vinny Paz HERE.

No further details are available but stay tuned to Wax Heaven for future updates.

(A special thanks to Dr. Brian Price for the sneak peek and Chris Gilmore of Freedom Card Board for making the connection and making this product preview possible)

6 thoughts on “Boxing Returns to The Hobby in 2009!

  1. I for one am so pumped for this set, it looks stunning; price wise I would like to see it a good deal lower than Sport Kings.
    Perhaps it could be priced at an easily affordable level and then lead collectors into Sport Kings?

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