New images of 2009 Ballpark Collection!

Upper Deck just released new images of their ‘Rookie Autographs’ insert line from 2009 Ballpark Collection. Once again, they have included into their product a Matt Wieters autograph, once a Razor exclusive.

Along with Wieters, you can find autographs of the Detroit Tigers’ babyface rookie phenom, Rick Porcello, Gordon Beckham, Colby Rasmus, David Price and more.

You can check out Upper Deck’s Facebook page HERE.

6 thoughts on “New images of 2009 Ballpark Collection!

  1. Beckham holding that bat looks like a mugshot. Are these going to be on card or stickers?

  2. Stickers. Eh, design is nothing special. The ‘Ballpark Collection’ logo shouldn’t be so big.

  3. I know I was one of the few but I liked the first release. Not worth the price by any stretch but they weren’t ugly to me.

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