How do the non-scanner owners do it?

I always recommend to new bloggers starting out to invest in a scanner. On slow news days like today, all you need is one card and a good scan to spin a yarn for the ages. While I started Wax Heaven (or Canseco Completist) without a scanner, by the end of 2007 my wife was nice enough to buy me one.

A couple of weeks ago my scanner started acting up with three boxes still left to review. After days of working on it, I gave up and went looking for my old, back-up scanner only to find that somewhere down the line, Tatiana had donated it through a website called Freecycle.

With no funds in the cookie jar and a scanner needed ASAP for future product reviews, I will be selling a few items on eBay featuring Marlins certified autographs and game-used relics, not to mention my Andrew Miller doubles collection which keeps growing.

As for the cards below, they are the new Millers I have acquired over the past two weeks. Once I get a new scanner, I will write about each one and how they came to join my collection. In the meantime, I’d like to thank the following people:

Joe from the D., Matt H., KTCards, David S., Topher, Markus, John Hallad, JoshSamBob, and Eric Slette.

As for my Andrew Miller collection, I am now unofficially up to 135 different cards with a whopping 40 certified autographs. I use the word “whopping” because I have built up a collection of 40 autographs in well under two years of collecting Miller but in twenty of collecting Jose Canseco I have just one certified autograph.

What a crazy Hobby it is….

14 thoughts on “How do the non-scanner owners do it?

  1. Matt, he barely made the rotation in 2009 so that possibility is certainly there but I collect for the fun so it wouldn’t be a huge deal.

  2. Hey Mario,

    I sent Miller a TTM a few weeks back. I return address then to my son, for he gets excited when he see them in the mail. The Miller one came back unsigned with a note: Miller only autographs through the mail in exchange with the Florda Marlins Comminity Foundation. They want a $10 donation for the card, $20 for photos and $10 for inscriptions.
    Needless to say, my opion of Miller now is he sucks.

    Side note, got Cliff Lee TTM today. He is awsome. The CY Young winner signs but the scrub that can’t make the rotation doesn’t. My son could wait to show me the Lee when I got home from work today. That is what collecting is about to me.


  3. He sucks because he is using the position he is in to help better people’s lives through a charitable cause?

    It’s not like he is pocketing the money… Sounds like an honorable thing to do to me.

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