I always recommend to new bloggers starting out to invest in a scanner. On slow news days like today, all you need is one card and a good scan to spin a yarn for the ages. While I started Wax Heaven (or Canseco Completist) without a scanner, by the end of 2007 my wife was nice enough to buy me one.

A couple of weeks ago my scanner started acting up with three boxes still left to review. After days of working on it, I gave up and went looking for my old, back-up scanner only to find that somewhere down the line, Tatiana had donated it through a website called Freecycle.

With no funds in the cookie jar and a scanner needed ASAP for future product reviews, I will be selling a few items on eBay featuring Marlins certified autographs and game-used relics, not to mention my Andrew Miller doubles collection which keeps growing.

As for the cards below, they are the new Millers I have acquired over the past two weeks. Once I get a new scanner, I will write about each one and how they came to join my collection. In the meantime, I’d like to thank the following people:

Joe from the D., Matt H., KTCards, David S., Topher, Markus, John Hallad, JoshSamBob, and Eric Slette.

As for my Andrew Miller collection, I am now unofficially up to 135 different cards with a whopping 40 certified autographs. I use the word “whopping” because I have built up a collection of 40 autographs in well under two years of collecting Miller but in twenty of collecting Jose Canseco I have just one certified autograph.

What a crazy Hobby it is….