Tim Beckham’s best card has arrived

When Razor Entertainment entered the baseball card market last year the big news in The Hobby was Razor’s exclusive contract with #1 draft pick, Tim Beckham.

While you can find cards of Beckham, including a rare autograph insert in 2008 Tristar Prospects Plus, it’s Razor’s Signature Series base card and autographs that drew most of the attention of collectors.

While I am not a Rays fan by any stretch of the imagination, I have heard complaints from collectors who didn’t want to jump on the Razor bandwagon because the cards were unlicensed and the design lacked that special something that more established companies could produce with their eyes closed by now.

Well, I introduce you to Tim Beckham’s Razor Metal Gold Autograph. These cards are eBay exclusives that have been selling extremely well and according to a few card shops, have sent Razor Letterman to an early grave.

The auction claims that there are 30 copies but with no serial numbered stamp and the recent scrutiny Razor has experienced, some collectors are holding back on making their purchase.

Personally, while I am and always will be a fan of Bowman, there is no denying that Topps missed the boat on Beckham and these Razor cards will be Tim’s best rookie cards no matter what happens to the company down the line.

6 thoughts on “Tim Beckham’s best card has arrived

  1. This is interesting. Are minor league cards going to be considered rookie cards now?

  2. That is one unattractive card from the photo. Hopefully it looks better in person. And it’s only going to be sought after until he hits the Majors and his real “rookie cards” arrive. Then this is a niche Minor League card. Nothing more.

  3. I consider RAZOR the equivalent of SAGE when it comes to sportscards. They’re minor/college players.

  4. If it had a Major League license, maybe. But without it, it’s the same as any other Minor League card. See what the Classic Alex Rodriguez cards go for compared to their Major League counterparts. Same with Jeter. If I’m not mistaken both had autographs before they hit the big time and while they fetch a solid amount, they’re never spoken in the same breath as their SP rookies.

    At least with Bowman there’s a bit of a grey area because they have the MLB’s blessing and their in their MLB uniforms quite often. Razor and Tristar are in the business of Minor League cards.

  5. I’ve never been into minor league cards. Even as a player collector picking up a canseco Muskies card is way on the bottom of my list compared with a Bowman Refractor.

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