The Autograph Report

Josh Johnson & Hanley Ramirez

Getting a Josh Johnson autograph is not an easy thing, trust me. We failed to get one during the Marlins Fan Fest but finally got Josh to sign Tatiana’s bat during the Marlins’ open practice a few weeks later. This latest autograph is a bit sloppy but the great Heritage card makes up for it.

As for Hanley, I guess I should be happy that I was one of the very few fans who got a Ramirez autograph at today’s game but I am not. I have seen what Hanley’s signature looks like when he’s being paid by a company to sign and when compared to the two free ones we have obtained in 2009, they are nothing alike.

On a side note, who knew that a set I hated so much when I busted it in 2007 would be one of my all-time favorites just two years later? I just cannot stress enough how great Topps Heritage is for autographs. I can’t wait to get a Marlins team set for the 2009 edition.

Wes Helms & Logan Morrison

Wes Helms is one of my favorite players on the Marlins and every single time I see him, I make sure to let him know. Despite all this, he is completely silent to me and every other fan he signs for. Still, I cannot complain about a Helms autograph on a 1997 Bowman Chrome rookie card or the elegant signature itself, which Wes clearly puts effort into.

Poor Logan Morrison. The kid who is on the fast track to the Majors has every young fan wanting autographs. This is our fifth and final Logan Morrison in person autograph we will be asking for. As for the look, something tells me that by the time “Hulk” Logan becomes a household name his penmanship will have gone through a face lift or two.

Dallas McPherson & Dallas McPherson

This is officially the third and fourth time Dallas has signed for us and despite the fact that we are usually the only fans after a McPherson signature during the games we attend, we rarely get as much as a word from last season’s Minor League Home Run King and the Wax Heaven favorite.

Still, I am a huge fan and will continue to support Dallas no matter what! He’s one of the few players I will continue to try to get in-person autographs from the remaining Spring Training games.

5 thoughts on “The Autograph Report

  1. Josh always signs in the back by the players clubhouse…. today he had his little girl in his hands and he still stood there and signed about 20 autographs. And Hanley i don’t even bother any more… lost cause!!

  2. Oh i know its just that he really friendly when the cameras are on, but when there not there he just blows everyone off….. i hate that.

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