A Hair Cut from a retail box!!!

I went to Target after the rain killed my chances of going to the Flee Market and/or a Marlins game and bought two $19.99 boxes of Upper Deck Artifacts and pulled a Jackie Kennedy Cut Signature/Hair Card! I also got a Joe Mauer and Price Fielder relic cards.

This is easily the best luck I have ever had busting wax. I actually had a box of Topps Chrome in hand but since there was only one and I wanted two of one product, I put it down and picked up the only two boxes of Artifacts at the store.

Video coming soon!

You cant steal it this time, guys...

You can't steal it this time, guys...

25 thoughts on “A Hair Cut from a retail box!!!

  1. Huge pull! I’d sell it though, something about other people’s hair really bothers me. Especially dead people.

  2. Holy crap, dude. Great pull! Proof that retail /can/ have good things. Then again, I pulled an Alex Gordon AU from 2006 Topps, but unfortunately sold it just before the news of the cutout card hit. πŸ™‚

  3. That is an amazing pull! I’d probably keep it, but that would also depend on the offers received. The Kennedys are (obviously) very popular. I’ll be curious to see what you end up deciding. Congrats!

  4. I would definitely sell if I pulled it.

    But, I’ve never considered selling the redemption cards themselves. That’s a really interesting idea.

    It’s twice as risky to redeem the redemption and sell it because it’s twice as likely that something could happen to it in the mail. Also, there’s the worry that you might not get the actual card you redeem but a replacement instead. Say, a Walter Mathau relic card of socks he wore in Dennis the Menace…

    (That also brings up an interesting point I’m not sure of, do card companies ever replace redemptions of these high end celebrity cards with other cards the same way that they do with sports specific stuff?)

    But, if you were to try to sell the redemption card itself, would buyers look at the above mentioned risk the same way and therefore be willing to pay even less for it?

    Decisions, Decisions…

    Either way, outstanding pull! Good luck with it however you decide to approach it…

  5. Holy crap, that is beyond awesome! I have never had that kind of luck.

    All of these redemptions will be made, so I would factor that into your decision.

  6. In my opinion I would let Beckett auction it off with the other expensive items. They attract more attention and advertise the card. Take the money and run….I dont know about you but I am not into dead peoples hair.

  7. Congratulations on the pull.

    Of course, the question is really, do you want to see the card and have it in your possession before you sell it?

    If you are going to sell it that is, and I certainly would. ANYTHING related to the Kennedys, especially Jackie and JFK will have a certain intrinsic value, even DNA strands.

    I’d be torn myself. Sure I’d like to see the card itself and hold it in my hand, but then again, the potential value is such that I wouldn’t want ANYTHING to happen to my possible rewards.

    Plus, let’s face it, if I pulled that card, I’d sell it in a heartbeat, Baby needs a new pair of shoes!

  8. I wanna say keep it, since it’d be hard to pull a better card in a limetime but being a father with a history of car trouble i wouldn’t fault you for selling it.

  9. Jbob, I am going to redeem it, get it graded as “authentic”, spark up a little publicity and finally throw it up on eBay. At this time, it appears it’s no cut signature and just a hair ( 😦 ) but I am hoping I can get anywhere from $500-800 considering one of Jackie O’s dinner plates sold for $200 a few weeks ago.

    *crosses fingers*

  10. This definitely has lasting appeal for some people, and I’d love to see what it looks like once you indeed receive it. If I were you, I absolutely would send it in to redeem it, and get it graded in preparation for an auction sale. Good to know that “[i]tems that contain human hair (such as lockets) as well as skulls and skeletons that are used for medical purposes may be listed on eBay”.

    As an alternative, you could try to contact some wealthy nut jobs directly. After all who wouldn’t want to clone another Jackie O for a second time around of super fun fashion times? However, it seems that their results so far are dubious.

    Can’t wait to hear the updates after the human remains card arrives!

  11. Todd, the card arrived and went on eBay with one fatal error: I talked about how ugly it looked and did zero promotion for it on Wax Heaven which resulted in a $200 sale price on eBay.

  12. Hi Mario. I agree–totally disappointing for such a great pull. I can’t see not having *any* appreciable card design at all. I mean, there are more photos of Jackie O in the world than that of UFOs (and that’s saying something).

    I’m partial to this one. She seems happy, and happier than in any image they would likely put on a card with a piece of her hair.

    I imagine that they may have tried to secure some image rights, but then gave up on cost. (That much more money than acquiring some of her HAIR? Odd.)

    Who knows, maybe you could have sold it to Razor for more than $200. I’m sure that they could cut a signature from a genuine Jackie O Walgreen’s prescription or dry cleaning credit card receipt, cut the UD specimen out, and make a super-rare dual-relic Frankencard out of it.

  13. wow mario, ive been reading this blog and loving it, but after watching that video above i know this ones the best! PANTERA!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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