Yunel Escobar stalks pre-teen girls

Yunel Escobar is officially on my “hit” list. It’s not like the guy is Mark McGwire or Barry Bonds but in the 5th inning of tonight’s game vs. the Marlins he hit a home run off Mark Hendrikson and proceded to: flip the bat, pose, and then point into the Marlins dugout. I hope Chipper puts this jerk in his place and if he doesn’t, I am sure one of my Marlins will do it.

Andrew, if you ever visited the site on the back of the Heavenly Vixen card we gave you and you keep up with Wax Heaven…please plunk this guy in the ass on the first opportunity you get.

15 thoughts on “Yunel Escobar stalks pre-teen girls

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  1. I bet Andrew does more than just stalk pre-teen girls. Well of course he’s like 14 so that might be legal.

  2. Yeah, he hit a homer and THREE double plays. And the Braves lost by one *again*. 😡

    Don’t sic Chris Hansen on people until you actually lose a game.

  3. Im sorry to give u the news,but he didnt poit the dugout,he pointed his father that was on the game and was just above the marlins dugout.

  4. he flips the bat every time he hits the ball, when the Marlins get good enough to really flip the bat and mean it we’ll let you know.

  5. Anonymous, thanks for the comment. At the time of the flip it was my first time seeing him and the announcers made a huge fuss about it so I assumed it was a one-time thing. As it turns out, it wasn’t.

    …but we are better than you guys so far.

  6. Yunel is an awesome player. He is really dedicated to the game.
    I’m just glad my dirty laundry isn’t published so someone in the cheap seats can sit around making judgements on me.

  7. he always flips his bat and he was pointing at his father who was sitting in top of the marlins dugout.

  8. he fips his bat everytime he hits the ball last year he stole a base while a guy was pulling his socks up so his smarter than that. why would chipper put him in his place?? this guy should worry about his marlins trading away every good player they ever get

  9. hey leave my home boy alone and yes he was pointing at his father. and so what if he flips his bat its not against the rules,you are all just jealous of him.
    he is not stalking her cuz he would stalk somebody pretty IF HE WAS STALKING HER !!!



  10. The Marlins may be in first place but right now the Braves are playing better. The Marlins are 1-8 in there last 9 games and the Braves are 6-3 so dont talk about how the Marlins are better and Yunel is better then anyone Florida’s got so dont talk crap about someone who is better then you and everyone you like

  11. yunel escobar is the best player on the braves, and he looks great! 🙂

  12. This guy is an idiot!! Yunel is a great player, and a key part of the Braves lineup. Why would Chipper need to do anything. So what if he flips his bat, I even do that when I bat. I think who ever writes this crap should shut their big fat stupid mouth up. Yunel is great so who ever writes this junk should be fired.

  13. yunel is one of the best young short stops in the game. that picture looks more like a good player having a good day and also has a sense of humor. i don’t think i’ve seen an article from this site with a legit sense of humor yet. its just mudslinging

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