The Hagar Years

If you enjoy my style of writing or you simply like to see pretty cards, this is the place to look. I created and ran Wax Heaven from 2007 up until late 2009 at which point I shut the site down due to personal reasons.

In early 2010, I sold off the archives. The site was converted into a website, which to be completely honest, I do not recall the name or look of. By late 2010, I started to miss writing and created The Wax Morgue.

The Wax Morgue was a play on Wax Heaven’s death and covered mostly pop culture-related trading card stories. I was upset that I lost Wax Heaven and the following the blog once had.

Wax Morgue actually gained a little steam with close to 20,000 visits in its year that it was active but eventually I burnt out completely and stopped writing. Unfortunately, all posts during the Wax Morgue days were deleted.

I don’t remember how many posts there were and it’s sad because there was some great Wax Heaven-style content on the blog. All that survived was a weird banner for Wax Morgue, which features pop culture zombies. It was a weird time.

It took me three years to start writing again and when I returned, I wanted to leave WordPress and try my hands with another platform. I went with Blogger but really wasn’t a fan so for some reason, brought Wax Heaven to Tumblr.

Wax Heaven on Tumblr was fun but also confusing. On WordPress and Blogger there are lots of collectors reading and creating content, there weren’t so many on Tumblr in 2014. Wax Heaven on Tumblr looked absolutely gorgeous but it did not last.

By 2015, I brought Wax Heaven back to WordPress but since I didn’t own the original domain, I began publishing on the remains of the Wax Morgue. Thus, Wax Heaven 2.0 was created. It lasted all of four months before I burnt out again.

A year later, I was able to make a deal with the owner of Wax Heaven and started publishing again on the original domain, only much less frequently. It’s been 8 years since the site’s popularity was at an all-time high but I still have fun writing.

I call the years I blogged on other platforms, the Hagar Years. That of course, is a reference to what Van Halen fans rrefer to as the time the band was fronted by Sammy Hagar.

Am I the David Lee Roth of card blogging? Sure, I’ll take that.


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