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3 05 2008

No matter how many times I watch this video it just makes me happy. It also makes me proud that I never called my dad out on anything seeing what a 46 year old can do to a 25 year old…haha…

22 07 2008


I just started reading your blog about a month ago. I have read every blog on “Best of Waxheaven” and check the site twice daily for new blogs. I love it!!! Keep up the good work. I’ve reccommended(sp) your site to a lot of my friends and they like it as well. Great job on really making a difference in the hobby.

P.S: Tatiana’s site is great too.

23 07 2008
Mario A.

Dodgerfaninomaha, thanks for the kind words. It’s comments like yours that remind me why it is that I devote so much time to the site.

BTW, did you ever get a chance to read about our encounter with Kirk Gibson? He’s an awesome guy!

23 07 2008

Just finished reading it. That’s a great story!
I know you are a huge Canseco fan, but Gibson’s home run has to be my favorite sports memory. I still get goosebumps from watching the clip on tv!
No hard feelings please.

24 07 2008
Mario A.

That’s long forgotten for us Canseco fans. In case you might of missed it, we actually met Gibson a few weeks ago. He was a scary guy but took care of the fans.

Glad you enjoy the site!


12 08 2008

sweet sie

2 02 2009

tatiana has a site? can i have a link?

2 02 2009
Mario A.

She retired from blogging but here is the link.


2 02 2009

dang! u replied fast!

20 06 2009
shaun guillory

nice hank pull man

7 05 2010
joseph lipschutz

Dear Mario: i enjoy your articles on the hobby and the micellaneous other events. QUESTION — that nobody can answer, I have a 2009 – cliff lee – ticket to stardom –tsp-37….card is low print #5 /63……. Cliff has a relic on the card from the clev. indians– that is OK….he also, played the last half of 2009 for the phillies….. THE “STRANGE” thing about the card is that the ticket stub is , get this, of THE OAKLAND A’S WORLD SERIES TICKET???? How could this be as follows: 1) cliff never ever played for the A’s….and ….2) the last time the A’s were in the World Series was 1990????…they did win in 1989????…. Sorry scanner is not working but i gave you a descrip. to help me out…. My local card shop has no idea, i posted on topps message board – no reply and also on becketts….. NOTE>>>> the other ticket to stardom cards I have of other low and top players with this insert —ALL feature a ticket of their PRESENT team…….. Please let me know what it is — rarity – error….etc… Lastly, i have not seen one posted on sale on EBAY…..

Thnaks — joe l …—lippy26 – lipstang@yahoo.com — look and appreciate a response……………

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