About Me

I began collecting baseball cards (and Jose Canseco) back in 1990. I quickly fell in love with Pinnacle Brands, as well as Fleer / Skybox releases of the time. By 1998, I quit collecting but like most, returned as an adult and created ‘Wax Heaven’ in 2007.

With less than three years under my belt, Wax Heaven became the premier card-related blog on the internet, generating more traffic than Beckett Media’s own blog/news portal. I also was sponsored by Upper Deck, Topps Company, and Panini America.

In late 2009, Wax Heaven shut down due to personal reasons. There have been many attempts to continue my writing about The Hobby including ‘The Wax Morgue’, Wax Heaven 2.0, and Wax Heaven on Tumblr but the magic was gone. Lightning doesn’t strike twice.

In December 2017, I began writing for Wax Heaven again and highlighted my year back by being the first site ANYWHERE to report on Topps’ MLB exclusive renewal, which caused me to get un-followed on Twitter by Topps Company.

I am now a collector and blogger once more but on a smaller scale. You can find my posts at “TheBaseballCardBlog.com” and my rantings on Twitter @TheWaxHeaven, where I am much more active. If you need to reach me by email, you can do so at WaxMorgue@gmail.com.