With $665 I’d rather buy…

13 08 2009

2008-’09 Upper Deck Exquisite Basketball is live.

For $665 (or higher) you are promised five cards (4 hits, 1 base).

Here are some things you could buy instead of a pack of Exquisite Basketball.

1983 Cadillac SevilleA little work and you could be pimpin’ in style

Samsung 32″ HDTVOriginal Sega Dreamcast video game console not included

Sensuous MassageAs long as you know it’s Ronald McDonald’s twin sister doing it


Check out this 1/1 dual autograph!

29 04 2009

Today I received this exclusive “1 of 1” Topps TV dual autograph featuring Rachael the Rip Girl and Tom the Ripper. It features a wonderful design and two, great on-card autographs.

If you are on YouTube, subscribing to Tom’s channel is a must.

Before you join another group break

23 03 2009

You must watch this public service announcement from Cards Infinity regarding a group break scam involving ‘MelbourneCowboys’.

This is one of the few useful non-box break videos on YouTube.

And the winner is…

6 12 2008

Congratulations to “Biagio” for pulling off quite an upset. You see, according to WordPress he had only left two comments before the contest came so his name was only entered one time into the list. Talk about an underdog beating the odds!

As for the video, I have to thank Joey of Squeeze Play Cards for recommending Random.org and insisting not to waste so much paper on the hat drawing I normally do. Maybe next time around I will go back to the hat drawings but for now this is the best way to go about it for me.

Thanks to all who participated and good luck next time around.

Card of the Day – Topps Black Refractor

6 12 2008

I think anyone who has ever read this blog knows that despite who the sponsor is, there is nothing greater in my eyes than a Topps Refractor. It doesn’t matter who it is but if it’s shiny and comes from some Chrome or Finest release, I am all over it like Chris Olds on a donut.

The problem I have with Refractors, especially more rare versions like Black & Gold is that 9/10 times I pull a no-name guy. Rod Stewart once sang ‘Some Guys Have All the Luck’ and judging from some recent YouTube video box breaks, he was right.

YouTube user Jawdy’s Basement is one of the very few guys who busts boxes more than half of the time on YouTube. Lately, YouTube has been unwatchable because out of the 100+ users who I subscribe to all of them post daily videos of absolutely worthless crap.

“Join my group break”, “These Cards are on Ebay” and so much more that drives me absolutely nuts. I go to YouTube to watch box breaks and it seems barely anyone is doing them these days. Thankfully, Jawdy’s Basement is full of them and in one video he pulled this beautiful 2008 Topps Heritage Dan Uggla Black Refractor #’d to 59. It took a little work but we eventually agreed on a trade and there are currently a bunch of serial numbered Phillies on the way to join his and his son’s collection.

He’s one of the very few YouTube users I would recommend to watch, unless you enjoy watching poorly-taped videos of people recording what they have for trade/sale and or the ten “1/1” mail day cards they received. You should definitely check out his videos as it’s always guaranteed fun for fans of video box breaks.

’08 Timeline – Video Box Break

19 11 2008

The Timeline review will be available in a couple of hours.

I am boycotting YouTube!

18 11 2008

Just a couple of Wax Heaven news items to report. In case anyone has missed it, the Wax Heaven Trade Queue is down from 17 to 12, which means stuff has been going out. Unfortunately, I realize this pace is way too slow for those waiting on packages for over a month. I apologize for the inconvenience and will take the steps to fix the problems tonight.

In a few hours I am going to be selling off my Hanley Ramirez “hits” collection of 4 game-used relics and one autograph on eBay. If a Wax Heaven reader wins the lot, I will include 20 different Hanley base cards (w/ parallels). If you win the auction, please let me know so I can include the extra cards not to mention the “1 of 1” Mario Alejandro autograph. 100% of the money from the cards will go to clearing out the Trade Queue.

Also, today a package arrived from Upper Deck which included a box of 2008 Timeline baseball, 2008-’09 Fleer Ultra Hockey, 2008-’09 U.D Hockey S.1, 2008 Masterpieces Football, and 2008-’09 Artifacts Hockey. I will be reviewing and posting the Timeline Baseball box tonight after Midnight Eastern Time but the rest of the boxes will be open for review by the Wax Heaven readers in ‘You Be the Judge’ posts that were very popular last time around. Once the Trade Queue has been removed, I will do contests for the “hits” in each of these boxes.

Finally, I am sick and tired of YouTube’s 10 minute time limit. It causes me to speed through box breaks which is not fair to the reader/watcher of the site. From now on, all my box breaks will be hosted on Vimeo and posted at Wax Heaven, including the latest from ’08 Timeline.

Here is an oldie but goodie for the old school Wax Heaven readers!

P.SThere will be a big announcement coming for comic book fans soon.