WWE Getting the Short End …

Author: Mario Alejandro

Tristar did it with their TNA license. Topps did it with their UFC brand. Now, where is the WWE dream card we wrestling fans have been anxiously waiting for?

In case you missed it, Topps produced just ten copies of this amazing, on-card triple autograph of MMA legends, Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz, along with UFC head honcho, Dana White.

It’s already an amazing card but as a reward, Topps is sending the first lucky collector to pull this card on an all-expense paid trip to Las Vegas to hang out at the UFC training center and sit cage side at a TUF fight.

Alright, Topps … job well done. You’ve created a perfect card and an even better grand prize that no other company can likely ever pull off. Now, where’s the WWE version to go along with it?

With WWE on the road non-stop it should be much easier to plan a grand prize, should Topps follow with a WWE version of the UFC “Dream Card”. Of course, that dream card would have to include one Vincent Kennedy McMahon, love it or hate it.

What other two wrestlers would you include on the card?

I would team up Vinny Mac with none other than Triple H, who is likely to be the man in charge once Vince retires considering Vince’s son, Shane, jumped ship last year and has vanished from the public eye.

On the other spot you’d have to include arguably the most popular wrestler of the moment, John Cena. While we don’t know what kind of price the Tristar and UFC cards will carry on the secondary market, I’d go out on a limb to say the WWE version would top both of them once they appear on eBay.

Of course, Topps would actually have to make the effort. They have clearly shown they can with a “legitimate” sport but would they do the same to for the WWE brand of “sports entertainment” which is not as respected as mixed martial arts?

Here’s hoping Topps gives WWE the respect it deserves.

PS. – In case you’re wondering, someone has already won the grand prize.

Shawn Michaels Deserved Better

Author: Mario Alejandro

Last night’s WWE Raw was supposed to be a special moment for wrestling fans young and old. Shawn Michaels, one of the greatest wrestlers of all time was “forced” into retirement as a result of losing his match with The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 26 on Sunday.

Monday’s show was supposed to be The Heartbreak Kid’s sendoff and while WWE made good with lots of classic Michaels clips from his entire tenure with the company and a nice plug for his WWE DVD, it still did not have the feel of a show saying goodbye to one of its most reliable performers.

Instead, we were treated to horrible skits with two of the lesser stars of ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’ and the one emotional moment, Triple H’s speech to his best friend, was interrupted by a run-in from Hunter’s new BFF, Sheamus. Oh, and more tired and played out John Cena.

As for Shawn’s career in The Hobby, you could build one hell of a collection as he’s been in trading card sets from as early back as the 80’s. More recently, Topps’ WWE releases have produced “worn” memorabilia relics and certified autographs, which in this blogger’s opinion, are less than desirable.

Here’s hoping Topps steps up their game and produces a card of Michaels in their next release WITH an on-card autograph. While Michaels is a legend in the business, it really should not be that difficult to give collectors something special by making the effort of having Shawn directly sign cards instead of stickers.

It Ain’t Easy Being Jericho

It’s already been proven time and time again that there are just some people who cannot handle wrestling. Folks, it’s a show. Yes, it’s dangerous and can lead to death and many horrible things but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a show.

Chris Jericho, once a headlining act in multiple organizations, is now just one level above Santino in the comedy department at WWE. He’s basically turned into an over the top “bad guy” who in one week will insult TV legend Bob Barker and in another week gets made fun of by Ozzy Osbourne and family.

Unfortunately for Jericho, it appears that he’s become the poster boy for bad publicity. Earlier this year his car was mobbed by fans and he was attacked by a couple of idiots who didn’t comprehend that wrestling is scripted and not real life.

Last week, after too many drinks and/or while in character, Jericho made some insultin remarks aimed at Middle Easterners & gays. The host of the event, Mister Lobo, made the best of the publicity by sending TMZ a video of the event as well as a response.

If you think that’s the end of it, check out what happened to Jericho two days ago at a WWE event. Nothing worse than catching a flying glow stick with your face and having to take it. You can bet the coward who threw the glow stick would not have gotten away with it during Jericho’s ECW days.

Someone else that made TMZ this week: Beckett Media

Win A Box of 2009 Topps WWE

I just finished bustin’ a fresh box of 2009 Topps WWE and was surprised by the generosity of Topps. Along with a sample box for review, they threw in another sealed box to give to one lucky reader of Wax Heaven.

My official review won’t be ready until later this weekend but for now check out the Triple H “event-worn” relic I pulled from my sample box. In case you’re wondering, that’s authentic blood all over that piece of relic.

To be eligible to win, leave a comment stating your all-time favorite wrestler and why. Contest will officially be closed on Sunday night. Winner will be picked through Random.org and I will cover all shipping fees. Good luck!

For those that can’t wait till Sunday, you can find 2009 Topps WWE at Target, Wal-Mart, Toys ‘R Us, and other retail outlets. You can find more on 2009 Topps WWE here.

Contest closed – Jamoke is the winner!

Blood In, Blood Out ...

Guess Who’s Back in WWE?

Dwayne Johnson, known to millions of wrestling fans as “The Rock”, may soon be returning to WWE Raw.

Johnson, 37, made a special guest appearance by video at last week’s Smackdown 10th anniversary show and even hinted at the possibility of hosting a future episode of WWE Raw.

Amazingly, Dwayne has very few certified autographs in trading card form. He has non-sports autographs through trading card sets of The Scorpion King, The Mummy, and Doom.

As for actual wrestling releases, it appears both Fleer & Topps missed the boat. He does however have an autograph in the oddball 1998 Superstarz set. You can check out one copy currently on eBay here.

Here’s hoping Topps can find a way to insert a Rock auto in an upcoming WWE release.

No stickers, please.

The Rock