Cole Hamels is the new Josh Beckett

I never thought I’d see the day when Cole Hamel’s unappreciated, 2002 Bowman Chrome rookie cards would catch fire the way they have recently. Of course, it might have something to do with his amazing post-season performance and his chance at becoming the first pitcher in the history of the game to achieve five post-season wins.

The Tampa Bay Rays are on their last legs and will face Hamels yet again on Wednesday, if the weather permits. Forecasts predict there is a 20% chance of rain and the temperature will be in the low-40’s during the first pitch on Wednesday. If the Phillies cannot put away the Deviled Rays, they will have to find a way to win in Tropicana Field, among thousands of rattling, loud cowbells.

Hamels, who has a career 38 wins in three seasons has tons of baseball cards selling in auctions on the secondary market with his 2003 Bowman (AU) and his 2006 Sweet Spot (AU & 1/1) selling for big time money. Still, you will be able to find many Cole Hamel “hits” for reasonable prices if you know how to look. In fact, there are still plenty of Hamels certified autographs on sale for under $30 dollars (LINK) and with Hamels being under 25, it’s not the worst investment you could make.