The Beckett-Exquisite Dilemma

When I announced over a year ago that Upper Deck would be sponsoring Wax Heaven, all hell broke loose. Many predicted I would become a shill, while others simply stopped supporting the site. Looking back now, anyone who reads the site knows very well that everyone (even Panini) gets equal coverage.

Recently, some dust has been kicked up because Beckett Media received an entire case (or more) of Upper Deck Exquisite. My personal opinion is that in order for me to write a full, detailed review I have to have the product in my hands. I simply cannot go off by what others report and/or scan on message boards or through eBay auctions.

Perhaps creating a “Sample Pack” for each product would be the best way to go. The sample pack would include 5-7 base cards, 3-5 inserts & parallels, and 1-3 “hits”. It would be more affective than sending out an entire box to a small number of websites or in Upper Deck’s case, $2,000+ dollars worth of product to one site.

Besides, with sample packs, more than just a few would be able to review new releases. Not everyone has the resources to pick up every single product released; this would be the perfect solution. Remember, the more product you can get out to the masses, the more coverage your product will receive.

Note to Beckett: You guys need to step it up on your box breaks. These things are harder to watch than an episode of “Packs to the People”. It would help if Chris would stop looking miserable for at least a few minutes.

Tell him to pretend it’s World of Warcraft or something…


With $665 I’d rather buy…

2008-’09 Upper Deck Exquisite Basketball is live.

For $665 (or higher) you are promised five cards (4 hits, 1 base).

Here are some things you could buy instead of a pack of Exquisite Basketball.

1983 Cadillac SevilleA little work and you could be pimpin’ in style

Samsung 32″ HDTVOriginal Sega Dreamcast video game console not included

Sensuous MassageAs long as you know it’s Ronald McDonald’s twin sister doing it

Biggest Fish in the Bay – June

(The Biggest Fish in the Bay is a monthly guest column by Kory B.)

2003-04 Upper Deck Glass – Jordan/LeBron Dual Auto Jersey #/10

Final Price $45,000 – Date of sale: June, 19, 2009

What recession? Are you kidding me? 45K? That just boggles one’s mind. For 5 grand more than an ’09 Cadillac CTS you could have had this card. I wish I could say more about the card, but it is just such an outrageous price.

LeBron has been a phenomenal player and all, but he has yet to win anything. I do really like the black Jordan jersey. Those were pretty cool back in the day. You knew the Bulls meant business when they threw on the black jerseys.


2003-04 Upper Deck Exquisite – LeBron Gold Auto Patch #/99 BGS 9.5

Final Price $24,223.23 – Date of sale: June 21, 2009

Apparently, LeBron collectors are freaking loaded. Who buys a card like this? Unless LeBron wins an ungodly amount of championships, I can’t really see this card increasing in value much. This is truly an “I want this card” purchase.

LeBron is incredibly skilled, and I think he’s only going to get better, but basketball is still a team game. So, the real question is do you want a little tiny piece of jersey with some scribbling next to it, or do you want this for a fraction of the price?


1952 Topps – Michey Mantle PSA 4.5.

Final Price $12,855.55 – Date of sale: June 30, 2009

Short prints are every one’s favorite! The legend goes that Topps dumped a large number of the last series in the Atlantic. The rumor coupled with Topps’ reduced print run in anticipation of a lower retail order produced a short printed card. So even though the company didn’t produce a short printed card solely for the sake of it being short printed, Topps achieved the same final result.

Overall, I’d say this is the second most well known card in all of collecting next to the T-206 Honus Wagner. I know it’s the first one I circled in my Beckett at a value of $52,000 when I was 5.

Despite the ending price, the seller had the nerve to demand $60 dollars for shipping!