Is there room for one more magazine?

There was once a time when you couldn’t hit a local book store/magazine stand without finding multiple trading card related magazines. Today, the only two left are Beckett and Sports Collectors Monthly. The problem is that both of those magazines feature outlandish, inaccurate price guides that so many collectors rely on.

My version of a perfect baseball card magazine would feature no such thing as a price guide. Instead, I would point collectors to eBay, the only true meter for measuring what your card is worth. If you have some rare, low-numbered parallel with no recent auctions, put it up and see what it brings. Simple?

Along with multiple, diverse commentaries, the magazine would also including a Top 20 list of cards that are hot and since it would be a monthly magazine, a complete checklist of new products. So if you have three releases in the month of March, in the April issue you would have three complete checklists to look through.

At the moment there are several online magazines related to the hobby. Recently, Card Informant released an online card magazine, Insider’s Edge is now selling hard copies, and other sites are working on their future products. Clearly this new format is becoming the next step in blogging. Why settle for a magazine published by companies who rely on sponsors?

Wax Heaven cannot go on forever, at least not on this pace. I believe the day this site closes it will be to start a bi-monthly magazine to focus on commentary and old school box breaks. It will in no way attempt to compete with anyone, online or in book stores, but it will definitely have that Wax Heaven flavor that has made this site popular.

What would make the perfect baseball card magazine for you?


Wax Heaven on ‘The Hobby’

I just finished taping a great interview with Mike Schopp of The Hobby. It was an awesome experience and should be ready by this coming Monday for all the Wax Heaven readers and fellow collectors to enjoy.¬† In the meantime, you can check out their past episodes HERE. All you have to do is click on one of the episodes under ‘Complete Show Audio’.

Until the episode airs, you can check out my first radio interview with Tuff Stuff’s Sports Collecting Radio HERE. As much as I enjoyed the first interview with Scott Kelhofner back in April, I have to admit this¬† new one was a lot more fun and not as nerve-wrecking as I expected.

Thanks to Mike for the awesome show he’s created!

The Rise of The Cardboard Connection!

When I began blogging eleven months ago there was less than ten active blogs around. Over the last year it seems just about everyone has decided to throw their hat into the circle as there has been over 100 blogs created since my entrance into the blogosphere.

Michael Smith, a longtime collector and computer programmer saw the need for a “centralized” location for all the best sports card writers on the Internet and single-handedly created The Cardboard Connection. I have been working behind the scenes with Michael over the last couple of weeks and since then have seen both Jeremy Porter and Andrew Chrisman join the ranks. Today, I’d like to announce that I too will begin writing exclusive articles for Cardboard Connection. You can read my first piece here.

You might be very well looking at a new Beckett Magazine in the works so if you are a card blogger or have always wanted to write about the hobby, check out the site and let us know if you’re interested in joining the team. As for me, I will be submitting an article per week, along with a YouTube video bi-weekly.

— — —

A message from Cardboard Connection’s creator:

I don’t subscribe to the school of thought that Beckett is inherently evil and corrupt, but I do feel very strongly that Beckett has lost touch with many of the collectors who have made them what they are today. I no longer get the feeling that they fundamentally do business with a collector’s best interests at heart. This sort of thing tends to happen when enough money is involved. I don’t fault them for it one bit – nor do I feel they owe me anything as a collector. However, I do believe that the time has come for a professional alternative to the “Big 2.” It was this desire that fueled the creation of The Cardboard Connection. In addition to offering completely unbiased trading card and memorabilia related news, The Cardboard Connection features a wide range of editorial articles written by some of the industry’s best bloggers, who have all graciously agreed to write for the site. I’m sincerely committed to creating a one of a kind resource that will enrich your collecting experience.”

On the radio!!! TUNE IN NOW!

Wow, this is exciting!!! Check out the radio show HERE.

I am second on the guest list just behind the CEO of SPC Auctions and in front of “Mr. Mint” Alan Rosen. Yeah, you know him from those Beckett ads. I will post the download link when it becomes available. If you guys have an iPod or Zune, make sure to add it to your playlist!

Mario on Sports Collecting Radio!!!

This Tuesday, Mario Alejandro, creator of will be a featured guest on Tuff Stuff Magazine’s Sports Collecting Radio. The interview will be taped tomorrow and is expected to air Wednesday, April 9th and can be streamed from their website, not to mentioned downloaded from their blog. Now you can have Wax Heaven on your iPod!
The show made its debut in February and has since interviewed representatives from Upper Deck, Topps, & Donruss, former ball players, and many other big shots in the world of Sports Cards. Please make sure to catch the interview next week and if there is call-in line, make sure to show your support for Wax Heaven!
Who would have ever imagined that some day there would be a well-produced radio show about sports cards? I never would have never predicted it but I am sure happy I discovered it!

If a sports collectibles magazine…

…changes its name and no one is around to read it, does it matter?

Everyone’s favorite red-headed stepchild of the sports card world, Tuff Stuff, has cleverly changed its name right around the same time Beckett Media comes out with its all-sport monthly magazine. Hey, they even went with a New York Yankee on the cover, too. Perhaps they were hoping to trick some of Beckett’s loyal army of readers into purchasing the new Tuff Stuff?

I told myself three issues ago that I was done with Beckett Media but found myself with a copy of their second Yankees cover in a row last weekend. I don’t know why, maybe I’m just an optimist. When I get both new issues, I will do a feature by feature report and review. Instead of looking down at Tuff Stuff, I will give it a fair chance for once. I am hoping for the best but much like Beckett, I feel a letdown coming.

scan provided by Bill from Ohio Collectibles

How to upset your significant other

If you’re like me, you absolutely adored Beckett and Tuff Stuff as a young collector, before the days of parallel madness and the game-used flood that we have today. You know, when they actually were entertaining, and for sports card collectors, extremely riveting. Well, if you have about $40 to spare and a whole lot of extra space, check out this auction for classic Beckett and Tuff Stuff magazines. I have spotted no less than four different issues with Jose Canseco gracing the cover.

I’d buy it myself if I could afford the massive space it would use up. I am already running out of places for my current issues of Beckett. Currently I have them under the counter of my bathroom sink. You never know when you will run out of……nevermind.