Bummer, Topps …

Some readers of Wax Heaven may have noticed that in the few instances that I have been blogging, more often than not it's about wrestling. You see, having had a baseball-loving wife for four years meant that I spent 99% of my time following the sport with her by my side. Now, it's just no... Continue Reading →

This Card Makes Me Sad

Author: Mario Alejandro Take a look at this dual game-used memorabilia card featuring the Bash Brothers from 2010 Famous Fabrics. While it's the card several collectors have been waiting for, it's an absolute FAIL on so many levels. Let's ignore for a moment that the two pieces of fabric, while larger than normal pieces you'd... Continue Reading →

Examples of Pinnacle Backdoored Cards

Author: Mario Alejandro While my latest article talks about the possibility of Upper Deck cards being backdoored if the company goes under, I didn't have a chance to show readers examples of some legendary and very expensive backdoored cards from the final days of Pinnacle Brands. Unlike Upper Deck, which in my opinion had an average year... Continue Reading →

Is Upper Deck Headed to ‘Wax Heaven’?

Author: Mario Alejandro As a collector of trading cards, it's now almost impossible to not read about the almost guaranteed demise of the Upper Deck Company. Beckett Media and the New York Times are reporting on it, bloggers are having a field day, and even card shop owners can't avoid the subject. Alright, before we... Continue Reading →

Topps’ Lawsuit Ends Canseco’s Comeback

Author: Mario Alejandro Last year after Upper Deck lost their MLB license I remember having a somber conversation with a U.D employee. In a story I wrote, I labeled the new Upper Deck as "underdogs" but was told that now without MLB breathing down their necks they would have more freedom to produce cards collectors really... Continue Reading →

WWE Getting the Short End …

Author: Mario Alejandro Tristar did it with their TNA license. Topps did it with their UFC brand. Now, where is the WWE dream card we wrestling fans have been anxiously waiting for? In case you missed it, Topps produced just ten copies of this amazing, on-card triple autograph of MMA legends, Chuck Liddell and Tito... Continue Reading →

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