The #1 Authority on Collectibles?

It’s been several days since the news broke that a handful of NBA stars were suing the Topps Company for allegedly not bein paid what they were promised. Wax Heaven and several other sources (including TMZ) reported the news immediately without making any assumptions or giving an opinion on the matter.

Since that time, Beckett has curiously avoided anything having to due with the lawsuit and instead has treated collectors to exclusive first looks into 2009 Topps Tribute and some more 2009 Topps UFC autographs. Keep in mind that this is the same company that immediately published reports of MLB’s lawsuit against Donruss and Topps’ lawsuit against Upper Deck.

So what exactly is the delay in publishing a story if you claim to be the “#1 authority” and say your blog has “breaking news”? It wouldn’t have anything to do with the October issue of Beckett Baseball now would it? You know, the one in which Topps Company gave you a first look into Topps T-206.

For the record, Tuff Stuff also didn’t cover the lawsuit.