Is there room for one more magazine?

There was once a time when you couldn’t hit a local book store/magazine stand without finding multiple trading card related magazines. Today, the only two left are Beckett and Sports Collectors Monthly. The problem is that both of those magazines feature outlandish, inaccurate price guides that so many collectors rely on.

My version of a perfect baseball card magazine would feature no such thing as a price guide. Instead, I would point collectors to eBay, the only true meter for measuring what your card is worth. If you have some rare, low-numbered parallel with no recent auctions, put it up and see what it brings. Simple?

Along with multiple, diverse commentaries, the magazine would also including a Top 20 list of cards that are hot and since it would be a monthly magazine, a complete checklist of new products. So if you have three releases in the month of March, in the April issue you would have three complete checklists to look through.

At the moment there are several online magazines related to the hobby. Recently, Card Informant released an online card magazine, Insider’s Edge is now selling hard copies, and other sites are working on their future products. Clearly this new format is becoming the next step in blogging. Why settle for a magazine published by companies who rely on sponsors?

Wax Heaven cannot go on forever, at least not on this pace. I believe the day this site closes it will be to start a bi-monthly magazine to focus on commentary and old school box breaks. It will in no way attempt to compete with anyone, online or in book stores, but it will definitely have that Wax Heaven flavor that has made this site popular.

What would make the perfect baseball card magazine for you?


Do you have Ruth’s 1991 Topps rookie?

Ok, not the Babe Ruth but more like actor John Goodman doing his best impersonation of the ‘Sultan of Swat’. This card comes from the long-deceased Topps Magazine. Looking back, those publications were a blast and not just for the fun cards inside each release. Unfortunately, I never found out why Topps Magazine disappeared only that they seemed to have run from 1990 to 1993 and published around 16 issues. It should be noted that Topps used Jose Canseco as their cover boy in their debut issue.

As far as Goodman, who has appeared in cult movie favorites like ‘Raising Arizona’ and ‘Revenge of the Nerds’ not to mention 90’s sitcom giant, ‘Roseanne’, it’s being reported that he is well over 400 lbs. and at 56 years of age that’s just begging for a massive heart attack. Hopefully he can get some much needed help so he can live to reap the financial rewards of ‘Coyote Ugly’.

CLICK HERE to see a recent picture of John.

What’s it like to smoke Crack?

I wouldn’t know but I am guessing this guy might.

He has put on eBay a Sports Illustrated for Kids Tiger Woods rookie card that he cut-out of the magazine and had graded. Fine, he somehow got it to grade a perfect 10 “gem mint” but does that make the card worth $125,000? He says the population is 24, he must mean how many have graded a 10 and if that’s the case then it’s really not that special, is it?

Now that I think about it, I remember being a 10 year-old boy shopping with my grandmother back in 1990. She had already commited into buying me a set of 1990 Fleer League Leaders so when we walked up to the counter she told me to put back the Topps Magazine I had found, the one with the cut-out cards of 9 players, including Jose Canseco. I was heart-broken and mad at the same time. I walked back to the magazine isle, looked at the page of un-cut cards, looked around and before you know it the entire page was down my pants. I just couldn’t let that Jose Canseco card slip away. That my friends, is the story of how I acquired my 7th Jose Canseco baseball card. Well, I guess this new flashback of my life now corroborates this post from two months ago that a few had questioned.

The point of this blog? Well, if there are 24 Woods SI for Kids cards in existence than there must be even less Canseco Topps Magazine cards! Think about it….no one in their right mind ever bought into that thing and the ones sent back to the publisher were buried in a landfill, E.T Atari-style.

EDIT #1.

So I couldn’t resist and made an offer since I can’t exactly afford $125,000. My best offer is $1.66, the suggested retail price of Sports Illustrated for Kids. Golly, I hope I win!