What Happened To Sammy’s Face?

Much like Mark McGwire and Rafael Palmeiro after the steroids hearing prompted by Jose Canseco's tell-all book, Sammy Sosa has kept a somewhat of a low profile after his retirement. In May of this year, Sosa attended a People Magazine event and looked like he could still hit 50 home runs without even trying. This... Continue Reading →

Brady Anderson’s SHOCKING year!

Sometimes it's hard to remember 1996, what with all the coverage given to stars like Albert Pujols. I personally would like to forget about that year because it's when a little-known lead-off hitter and bunting expert came out of nowhere to hit 50 home runs. Keep in mind, Brady Anderson was not completely unknown. He... Continue Reading →

Is the end near for Jason Giambi?

Jason Giambi, 38, was released from the Oakland Athletics today. Although his power numbers were not lower than expected (11 HR/40 RBI), his batting average was an abysmal .183 after 83 games. Jason, a former Most Valuable Player, became one of baseball's premier slugger during the height of the Steroid Era. In Jose Canseco's first... Continue Reading →

Boston’s Big Cheaters

Source: New York Times Let's be honest, you'd have to be living with your head in the sand to not suspect Dominican-born David Ortiz of cheating. After all, this is a guy who hit 68 home runs in six seasons in Minnesota and then had one year with 54 while teammates with Manny Ramirez, another... Continue Reading →

This is called “beating a dead horse”

I make it a habit to never watch ESPN. I do however occasionally find myself looking through their website for stories and news items. One recent article really made me think about Jose's claim of being "blackballed" from baseball. Joe Posnanskyi wrote in detail about how many players begin a downward spiral at the age... Continue Reading →

Say it ain’t Sosa!

Baseball is a funny sport. For the longest time it turned a blind eye to hundreds of players risking their reputation and their lives just to sell more tickets, merchandise and even baseball cards. I am almost certain that almost every great slugger of the 90's has at one point cheated. It's likely we will... Continue Reading →

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