WWE Getting the Short End …

Author: Mario Alejandro

Tristar did it with their TNA license. Topps did it with their UFC brand. Now, where is the WWE dream card we wrestling fans have been anxiously waiting for?

In case you missed it, Topps produced just ten copies of this amazing, on-card triple autograph of MMA legends, Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz, along with UFC head honcho, Dana White.

It’s already an amazing card but as a reward, Topps is sending the first lucky collector to pull this card on an all-expense paid trip to Las Vegas to hang out at the UFC training center and sit cage side at a TUF fight.

Alright, Topps … job well done. You’ve created a perfect card and an even better grand prize that no other company can likely ever pull off. Now, where’s the WWE version to go along with it?

With WWE on the road non-stop it should be much easier to plan a grand prize, should Topps follow with a WWE version of the UFC “Dream Card”. Of course, that dream card would have to include one Vincent Kennedy McMahon, love it or hate it.

What other two wrestlers would you include on the card?

I would team up Vinny Mac with none other than Triple H, who is likely to be the man in charge once Vince retires considering Vince’s son, Shane, jumped ship last year and has vanished from the public eye.

On the other spot you’d have to include arguably the most popular wrestler of the moment, John Cena. While we don’t know what kind of price the Tristar and UFC cards will carry on the secondary market, I’d go out on a limb to say the WWE version would top both of them once they appear on eBay.

Of course, Topps would actually have to make the effort. They have clearly shown they can with a “legitimate” sport but would they do the same to for the WWE brand of “sports entertainment” which is not as respected as mixed martial arts?

Here’s hoping Topps gives WWE the respect it deserves.

PS. – In case you’re wondering, someone has already won the grand prize.

Mike Gallego Resurrects Wax Heaven!

Author: Mario Alejandro

You gotta love the World Wide Web. I spent the majority of two years writing non-stop about every sports cards and baseball related topic in my head without ever expecting anyone to read. Along the way, this little blog caught on and the rest is blog history.

One of my favorite activities was covering Florida Marlins games with my then lovely wife, Tatiana. We went to a seemingly endless number of games to support our team but every once in a while I’d be just a little more excited about the opposition coming into town.

One of those instances happened in 2008 when the Colorado Rockies came to Dolphin Stadium (or whatever it was being called at the time) with a coach from my all-time favorite club, the Bash-Brothers Oakland A’s era. Mike Gallego wasn’t a superstar but he was a big part of those teams and I was dying to get an autograph or photo with the guy, now a coach.

Unfortunately, after the game when calling his name Mike did not hear us and walked straight into his team bus. I was disappointed to say the least and when I got back home wrote a not so scathing story about my experience. It wasn’t anything as bad as the Madison Bumgarner saga but it was a bit rude.

You won’t believe my surprise when out of the blue just a couple of days ago I received an email from none other than Mr. Gallego himself, a 13-year veteran of the game I love. I expected a few harsh words so you can imagine my shock when this email was a simple apology from Mike!

Mike assured me that had he heard a fan calling out for his attention he would have loved to come over for a bit. He says that since his playing days have come and gone, there just isn’t as much fan fare as there once was and the last thing on his mind was that someone would want an autograph or photo.

First off, I’d like to publicly apologize to Mike. Sometimes fans expect more than they are entitled to when going to a game and I am very guilty of this myself. While I have never been rude or disrespectful and would never consider myself an “autograph hound”, I did attend every game from 2007-2009 expecting every player to pose for photos or sign.

Secondly, I’d like to ask every collector and fan of the game to pull out their Mike Gallego cards and take them to the stadium next time he’s in town (Wikipedia says he’s a coach with the A’s now). He’s a good example of what more players, current and retired, should be like. You can’t please everyone but clearly Mike is trying.

Jose Canseco Fight Results & Photos

Jose Canseco was greeted by a round of boos as he entered the ring. The challenger, Todd Poulton, was a hometown hero who had most of the crowd on his side.

It didn’t take long for Jose to quiet the fans as he scored a first round knockdown with a jab and then kept his opponent from landing any meaningful punches throughout the fight.

Jose now improves his celebrity boxing record to 2-2 with this decision and might need to find a new job as the schtick seems to be getting old. It was estimated that less than 500 people were in attendance.

No word on who his next opponent will be.

Dustin Diamond, anyone …?

Jose Canseco & Michael Lohan

What Happened To Sammy’s Face?

Much like Mark McGwire and Rafael Palmeiro after the steroids hearing prompted by Jose Canseco’s tell-all book, Sammy Sosa has kept a somewhat of a low profile after his retirement.

In May of this year, Sosa attended a People Magazine event and looked like he could still hit 50 home runs without even trying. This week, Sammy attended the Latin Academy Person of the Year event and something was definitely not right.

Does anyone have a theory on how someone’s appearance can change so much in just six months? Along with the whitening skin and fake eyes, it appears that he might have also lost some weight.

As you can see from these Yahoo! photos, Sammy is now using contacts to change the color of his eyes. It’s just as pathetic today as it was when this dummy began wearing them.

Is this a case of bad plastic surgery or something much worse?

(thumbnail leads to a full-size scan)

Say It Aint Sosa

2009 MLB Awards – You Pick ‘Em!

With the championship likely already in the hands of the $200+ million dollar team, I figure I’d focus my attention to the major awards soon to be handed out.

This is one of the few times when collectors can make a killing on eBay if they list an award-winner’s most sought after cards after the announcement.

The Rookie of the Year, Most Valuable Player, and Cy Young awards will be announced starting November 12th and will last up until November 20th.

Who are your picks?

Rookie of the Year

American League –

National League –

Most Valuable Player

American League –

National League –

Cy Young

American League –

National League –

2009 National League Rookie of the Year?