Man on the Street – Press Pass Legends

Last week I recieved an email from “Submarine Shane” of ‘Man on the Street’ who informed me he would take a couple of weeks off from busting wax cause he was saving up for a fancy digital camera. Looks like Shane couldn’t resist tempation as he recently busted two, $150 dollar boxes of ’08 Press Pass Legends Bowl Edition.

Each box of ’08 Press Pass Legends Bowl Edition contained five packs with each pack yielding one autograph. There were no “game-used” relics in the product, which Shane feels helps the collector get his money’s worth. Furthermore, all the autographs are on-card (no stickers!) and the highest a base card is numbered to is #299.

Below is the best of Shane’s haul. You can click on the thumbnails for a full-size scan. He also mentioned that his hobby shop got in a case of Ultimate Collection baseball but was damaged so they sent it back in to Upper Deck. There is a good chance Shane will bust some of that next week so stay tuned!

You Be the Judge – Upper Deck Hockey

Here is the final box of trading cards provided by Upper Deck for review. I have to say now that I have busted basketball, football and hockey I am this close to being a full-fledged hockey fan and will probably catch a Panthers game now that I am familiar with a few of the players.

This box of 2008-’09 hockey features cards with what is likely the best photography anywhere but being that it’s almost December, I have grown really tired of the 2008 design and can’t wait for next year’s product. As expected, I pulled two “hits” in the box but was surprised by the lack of autographs. These boxes are selling by the 100’s on eBay at the moment with a price tag as low as $58 dollars and as high as $80.

As always, I am leaving it up to the hockey fans to review this product.

Click the image to view a full-size scan.

So, how did I do?

The Sports Cards Blog Directory is back!

Thanks to J.V of Treasures Never Buried, close to 40 inactive/dead blogs have been removed from the directory. I guess I kind of liked the idea of being one of the one hundred plus sports cards related blogs but that is no more. Much like the mortgage industry, blogging about sports cards is on the decline. It seems for every Box Busters (new blog added last week), there are 10 dead blogs.

I just have to let you guys know that J.V and I will make sure the directory never gets too sloppy. If you have a new sports card blog, drop a link and it will get added. At the same time, if you were one of the blogs that was removed but are planning on a return, also let us know. We can understand that sometimes personal matters get in the way of our hobby of collecting trading cards.

As for the banners, feel free to add them to your site if you’d like. Every little bit helps.


The Death of the Baseball Card Shop

This is an essay I wrote in March, let me know what you guys think!

I remember 1993 like it was just yesterday. I could walk out of my home and ride my bicycle to one of three baseball card stores in my area. Each one had their own clientele, different selections, and products. If you wanted new wax, the high-end store was the place to go. If you were searching for singles, the one nearest my home was the place to find that rare gem for your player collection. The last store specialized in rookies, autographs and memorabilia. It truly was a great time to be a collector.

Today, that high-end store is now a Wendy’s, the shop near my home sells bicycles, and the autograph/memorabilia shop that once sold Mickey Mantle and Nolan Ryan autographs? It’s now a comic book shop. Inside, you can find a small display case in the very far corner of the store with a few products of baseball (some old wax, some worthless singles). Try asking a question about a product and you might disturb a Magic: The Gathering tournament going on or worse, the “Comic Book Guy” will roll his eyes and tell you he doesn’t know what a Topps Finest Refractor is numbered to this year.

Fortunately, there is hope for new and old collectors in the form of baseball card blogs. From long-time writers like Chris Harris of Stale Gum, to the originator of the “blog” about baseball cards, Ben Henry —there is more information out there than you will know what to do with. Try going to your nearest hobby shop that deals in baseball cards and ask him to write you a review on the latest Upper Deck product, and while he’s at it, have him open up a box and show you the cards inside. Odds are, once he is done laughing at you, he’ll probably ask you to leave and never return again. Thankfully, blogs like does video box breaks and product reviews on over 25 different releases per year.

The baseball card shop atmosphere is dead in many areas all across the U.S but more than likely there is a blog out there that will suit your needs. From player collectors, set builders, comedy/satire, hobby news, and everything in between—there is someone out there writing articles day after day just for you. There is no monthly release, fees, or anything of the sort. It’s a world full of collectors pouring their knowledge and love for the hobby into each and everyone one of their works. If you want to be lazy you can find the same at an online forum, but the comradery you find in the Baseball Card Blogsphere is unique and unprecedented. It is the pulse of the hobby, a place dripping in opinion, creativity, and that feeling you used to get after spending six hours at the baseball card shop arguing or discussing baseball cards with the owner and his clients. No other place but Beckett Media would embrace the underground movement of baseball card blogs. Kudos, Beckett!

-Mario Alejandro

I feel REALLY guilty

So as it turns out, I really didn’t have to break into my wife’s eBay account because after I got home from work there were 3 different eBay packages for me that Tatiana had purchased and not even told me about. Needless to say, I feel pretty guilty but it doesn’t take away from the joy of adding three great new cards to my collection!

The first card is a 2007 Bowman’s Best autograph. Trust me guys, the scan does not do the card justice. It is beautiful and resembles a Refractor. The other Andrew Miller is a 2007 Upper Deck Premier, a product I would never bust in 100 years. It’s great to have the main card from the set in my collection. I am sure there are 15 different parallels but this is good enough for me.

As nice as those cards are what’s even nicer is the rare Ozzie Canseco card she picked up for my new player collection. It’s one of many Minor League Ozzie Canseco I have my eyes on. If by some weird coincidence you have some rare Ozzie cards, let me know. I will have my entire Ozzie Canseco scanned this weekend.

Oh, and check out the Infamous Tatiana’s blog. She’s been updating daily with the sickest new Jeter cards she’s added to her collection and well, she’s the best wife a collector could have.