Upper Deck resurrects Metal Universe!

If there was one brand that stuck out back in the late-90’s when companies were releasing 30+ brands per year, it was Skybox. Having left the Hobby in 1997 and not returned for a decade, I really don’t know when or why Skybox left baseball.

While busting a box of 2008-’09 Skybox basketball the other day I was shocked to find a 90’s favorite return in the form of an insert set: Skybox Metal Universe. You can find coverage of past Skybox Metal Universe baseball releases here.

As you can see from the scan below, Skybox is still making unique trading cards. I pulled six of these Metal Universe inserts, which believe it or not, was only the second-best insert in Skybox basketball. I will have a full review later today.

What do you think of the return of Metal Universe?

Which Fleer brand would you like to see make a comeback?