Marlins, please say “NO” to Manny!

It's all over sports radio, ESPN, and the Internet: Florida Marlins & Manny Ramirez? Five years ago I would have been ecstatic at the possibility of bringing in someone like Ramirez, who is a first-ballot Hall of Famer and legendary slugger. The thing is, Manny is no longer the sick RBI machine that he was... Continue Reading →

The wild world of Arod rookie cards!

So, you just spent the entire Summer mowing extra lawns, taking out the trash, and making your room look spotless for that last bit of money needed to buy your dream card: a 1994 Upper Deck SP Alex Rodriguez rookie card. Sure, the thing books for a ton of cash in Beckett but you know... Continue Reading →

Boston’s Deja Vu

Every time I watch a Red Sox game and see "Big Papi" David Ortiz come to the plate and hit a monster home run I can't help but think back a decade ago to another beloved left-handed, Babe Ruth-like slugger named Mo Vaughn. Both guys took their time to become stars, Mo in 1995 at... Continue Reading →

The Blacklist – Mo Vaughn

Well, it is all said and done. The Mitchell Report kept its promise of naming names and the biggest surprise to come out, at least to me, was fan-favorite and community hero, Mo Vaughn. Mo, a teammate of Jose Canseco in the mid-90's had a great run of 6 seasons where he could do no... Continue Reading →

Are Manny’s best days behind him?

There is not a more loveable guy in baseball┬áthan Manny Ramirez, well, unless he's not on your team. I am a Florida guy but have followed Manny's career since he was batting under a legendary big man by the name of Albert Belle. It was then that I knew he was bound for greatness. As... Continue Reading →

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