Beckett living in a glass house

…and throwing stones at the blogosphere.

I just spoke with a former employee of Beckett Media. I was informed that not only do they loathe 90% of the hobby blogs but they are actually going out of their way to have card companies no longer sponsor or deal with any of us. If you read Wax Heaven, you likely already know about their failed power move last year.

Not only are they squeezing down on card companies, one of them is already in bed with them and has refused to share news stories/product previews with anyone BUT Beckett (hint: they just gave away a bunch of Ric Flair autographs). It turns out DonNini’s marketing director and Tracy Hackler go “way back”, whatever that means.

So while “The #1 Source” continues to disregard the same collectors who kept them in business all these years because they have chosen to report rather than be reported to, remember that we will continue to work and get bigger while your company continues its massive layoffs and outsourcing.

As for Panini, you’ve made a terrible decision by shunning the blogosphere just to keep your buddies in Texas happy. I only hope the new management realizes what a bonehead move you guys made by entrusting your product to Chris Olds and company.

On the Internet, message boards and hobby blogs are the number one source.