Tony Clark was My Aaron Judge

I've never been a prospector and not because I didn't want to be. What collector wouldn't want to buy low and sell off your stash for a small fortune? The problem was that I simply sucked at predicting what player would turn out be great. Below is a sample of some of my investments: Jose... Continue Reading →

Leave Kevin Maas Alone!

As a devoted player collector for thirty years, it is hard not to be burdened with tunnel vision. So much has happened between the time I began collecting in 1990 to the time I stopped in 2015 ... but I couldn't name much of it unless it has to do with my player, Jose Canseco.... Continue Reading →

Collecting On A Budget – Babe Ruth

Call me nuts but I have a hard time celebrating a World Series win by a team that plays in the most home run friendly park in baseball and whose 2009 team salary was higher than the Marlins, Nationals, Pirates, and Padres combined. Rather than to keep dwelling, I'd like to continue the 'Collecting On... Continue Reading →

The Rays Fail To Meet Expectations

Early in the 2009 season, the Tampa Bay Rays could do no wrong. Their biggest star, Evan Longoria, was on a torrid home run pace while Carl Crawford was flirting with 100 stolen bases. In the end, Longoria's stats were impressive but not phenomenal after a full season. Crawford, meanwhile, has 60 stolen bases which... Continue Reading →

Mantle, DiMaggio Not Worth $14,000

A lot of people I speak with in The Hobby seem to think I have something against "high-end" products. The truth is, I am envious of those who can afford all those releases. My only issue with them is that so many times you don't even come close to getting your money's worth in terms... Continue Reading →

Derek Jeter & 3,000 Hits

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few months, odds are you know about Derek Jeter's most recent accomplishment of leading the New York Yankees franchise in career hits. While ESPN, bloggers, and other sports fans swear he's the greatest of all-time, Jeter is actually on pace for a much more meaningful... Continue Reading →

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