McGwire’s Return: Too Little, Too Late

The sports world is buzzing about the St. Louis Cardinals hiring former Home Run King, Mark McGwire as their hitting coach. While I personally have nothing against "Big Mac", I am surprised that he was given a shot by baseball considering that he was directly involved with the Steroid Era. Like millions of other fans,... Continue Reading →

Can we forgive and forget?

I was once the most bitter baseball fan on the planet. I became this way in 2002 when my idol, Jose Canseco, admitted to taking Steroids throughout his career. Sure, I had heard rumors and even read as journalists call him out but I refused to believe. On that day, baseball died for me. I... Continue Reading →

Collectors don’t care about Steroids

Sports Illustrated has a very interesting article about Mark McGwire's appearance in front of the Senate a few years ago that is a must-read, especially for the Big Mac fans out there. (link) I know what you're thinking... what fans? Judging by this auction that ended just a few hours ago, it's clear Mark McGwire... Continue Reading →

A dual autograph you will never see

Say what you will about them today but from 1986 to 1992 there was no bigger one-two punch in baseball than Oakland's "Bash Brothers". During that time, Jose Canseco and Mark Mcgwire put together four 40+ home run seasons, snagged two Rookie of the Year trophies, a unanimous Most Valuable Player crown and each set... Continue Reading →

Cardboard Wars – Mark McGwire

By the late-90's when Mark McGwire finished his transformation from a scrawny looking kid into a Hulk-like monster with a goatee and Ruthian power there was a mad dash for his baseball cards. For those who couldn't afford his 1985 Topps (I bought two for $30 in '97), there was a 1987 Donruss Rated Rookie... Continue Reading →

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