Madison Bumgarner is on fire!!!

Did you know that the #1 Google search engine result for San Fransisco prospect Madison Bumgarner comes to Wax Heaven and this infamous post? As cool as that is, I feel kind of bad now because I was poking fun. I mean, I already spoke to one former Marlin who admitted that he “Googled” his name all the time. So what’s to say Madison has not read Wax Heaven and that post?

Instead of pointing out the obvious, why not talk about the hot streak he is in right now. For example, this season he has struck out 20 batters in just 18 innings while only walking three. Those great numbers have brought a great boost to his cards on eBay, which are selling for hundreds of dollars now.

The Giants may be terrible today but it looks like their future is secure with Tim Lincecum in 2008 and Madison facing big league hitters by 2009, if not sooner. I just hope I don’t sit anywhere near his father when they play the Marlins. Something tells me he hasn’t forgotten the rude, crude Mario Alejandro.

Madison Bumgarner Day (3-18-08)

One of the things I love about WordPress is being able to read the daily stats. For example, how many hits per day, what posts are more popular than others, and best of all, Google search results are all readily available to me in my dashboard. For example, did you know that the blog about Albert Pujol’s member is #1 all-time at Wax Heaven with 2,600+ page views? Also, the full scan of the card has been downloaded close to 800 times? Or more amazingly, that Stale Gum brings in the most referrers to Wax Heaven? That’s right, he’s brought in over 2,300+ views alone from a tiny link on his blog. Thanks, Chris!
Well, lately I have been getting a ton of Google searches coming to the site looking for Madison Bumgarner. I don’t know if he’s been Googling himself to read what people are saying about him or it’s his dad, photographer, and/or friend checking out the site but it has become the 7th most searched Google search to get to Wax Heaven. As you may or may know, I wrote a satire on Madison’s baseball card a while back and it kind of blew up. You can read it by going HERE.
For the record, the post was made in jest. It was a funny-looking card but if anyone should be blamed, it is Topps. The kid was signed straight out of High School and you couldn’t find a better picture to use? Whatever the case, I still think it’s awesome so today, March 18th, is officially Madison Bumgarner Day at Wax Heaven. As a tribute, I am posting the best Bumgarner cards, ever.
Madison, if you are reading…let me know when you get your call to the “show” and I will come watch you play against the Florida Marlins, but only if you promise not to beat me up, or make out with my wife.

I am being dragged to Orlando…

…apparently there is some big, overrated Rat that I just HAVE to see. I am leaving Saturday morning around 5 A.M and coming back real late on Monday so there won’t be a single update until Tuesday. I know what you are thinking, “finally, I can get a break from this place!” No, you don’t get a break because in a couple of hours I will be going to pick up my paycheck and since no one (I’m looking at you, Tatiana) bought me any Wax for Christmas—I am treating myself to a box of either Bowman Chrome & Bowman Draft or Topps ’52 Rookie Edition & Upper Deck Goudey. Of course, that means two new box breaks and possibly 2 reviews (Bowman Chrome was reviewed already).

In the meantime, check out the Prospect Corner, which garnered Wax Heaven over 600+ views yesterday! Also, I wrote a fictional piece about former pitcher Mike Moore and no one picked up on the fact that it was a joke. Long time reader Dylan and my wife thought it was factual. I think I should leave the comedy up to Cardboard Junkie.

Another blog post I did about the greatest “O” Face in baseball cards garnered a semi-angry response from the kid’s father and a photographer of his. Don’t make me call Dick Perez on you, sir! When Wax Heaven mocks, it is all done in fun, well, unless you are Jose Canseco. He deserves the criticism.

Another ‘Bumgarner’ sighting in California

It’s just a couple of days until 2008 and I am dying for a baseball card fix. White Sox Cards blog came through for Christmas but I need something in the way of Wax. I was thinking of busting another box of Bowman Chrome now that my local shop, Earth 2 Comics have the hobby boxes at $80.  So while waiting for payday I start scouring through eBay to see what the big pulls from that release are going for when I run into a Bowman Draft Pick card of Madison Bumgarner. I know, terribly name but check out the card itself!

I have always dreamed of becoming a big league baseball player and someday having some kid or grown adult marvel through their collection of Mario Alejandro cards but unfortunately, I have a non-baseball player name and it could never be. Thankfully, I have my baseball card blog which is almost just as good (cue sarcasm). Anyways, a rookie card can make or break you. For example, look at Griffey Jr.’s 1989 Upper Deck rookie card. It is a perfect photograph of the “kid” that has survived it all and is nearing 600 home runs and a certain first ballot Hall of Fame entry. On the other hand, look at Jose Canseco’s 1986 Donruss Rated Rookie. It is a miserable close-up of a 21-year old with a 12-year old’s facial hair growth and a look of confusion. See? A rookie card can make or break you so what does this do for Madison Bumgarner?