Why I Blocked Jose Canseco on Twitter

My early 20s were tough years for me. Not only was I getting into “real” relationships with real heartbreak, but money was tight and the jobs I had absolutely sucked. It is a time we older folk can look back at fondly now but back then, life was miserable. To make matters worse, the onlyContinue reading “Why I Blocked Jose Canseco on Twitter”

More Topps Shenanigans?

Well, 2018 Topps is live and it looks like the MLB exclusive baseball card producer has finally gone and ran every damn card through some awful Instagram filter from 2014. Look, I get it. I always wanted Jose Canseco’s good looks but without SnapChat’s filters to assist, I look way more like Vinny Castilla. Anyway,Continue reading “More Topps Shenanigans?”

How I Became A Two-Time Loser

We collectors are a fickle bunch. One day you realize your favorite player’s best days are behind him and suddenly younger, better players start catching your eyes. After Jose Canseco was dumped to the Boston Red Sox I began to realize that he just wasn’t reliable enough to play a full season. In fact, byContinue reading “How I Became A Two-Time Loser”

How Topps Missed the Boat and Created an Underrated Classic

Like it or not, at one point in time there was no one in the game of baseball better or more popular than Jose Canseco. This is a fact that cannot be argued. HOW he became so good, of course was through the help of Steroids. Still, Jose took the baseball world by storm andContinue reading “How Topps Missed the Boat and Created an Underrated Classic”

This Card Makes Me Sad

Author: Mario Alejandro Take a look at this dual game-used memorabilia card featuring the Bash Brothers from 2010 Famous Fabrics. While it’s the card several collectors have been waiting for, it’s an absolute FAIL on so many levels. Let’s ignore for a moment that the two pieces of fabric, while larger than normal pieces you’dContinue reading “This Card Makes Me Sad”

Where Have You Been All My Life?

Let’s face it: Jose Canseco will likely never appear on a licensed trading card ever again. While other retired players get the Topps special treatment, I am stuck with old releases and any upcoming, non-licensed cards that hit the Hobby. Thankfully, there are still hundreds, if not thousands of “Broder” cards out there to chaseContinue reading “Where Have You Been All My Life?”

Jose Canseco Fight Results & Photos

Jose Canseco was greeted by a round of boos as he entered the ring. The challenger, Todd Poulton, was a hometown hero who had most of the crowd on his side. It didn’t take long for Jose to quiet the fans as he scored a first round knockdown with a jab and then kept hisContinue reading “Jose Canseco Fight Results & Photos”

Upper Deck Signs Jose Canseco!

I was just informed by Upper Deck that Jose Canseco has signed a non-exclusive autograph deal with former Rookie of the Year, Most Valuable Player, and the first man to accomplish the “40-40”, Jose Canseco. Upper Deck surprised many collectors (including me) by adding Jose Canseco to their 2009 Sweet Spot checklist. The card, aContinue reading “Upper Deck Signs Jose Canseco!”

Rodney King Ready For A New Beating

I wish I could tell you the trading card you see below, depicting an infamous and sad day in our history, was not real. It was produced in 2004 by Rittenhouse for their True Crime trading cards and features a drawing of the Los Angeles police officers who beat Rodney King within an inch ofContinue reading “Rodney King Ready For A New Beating”

It’s Jose Canseco!!!

Here I was on a Saturday afternoon getting ready to post about 2009 Upper Deck Sweet Spot when I came upon the greatest discovery of the year. It appears that Upper Deck included Jose Canseco into their checklist of this year’s Sweet Spot. The first card, an insane bat barrel nameplate numbered to five copiesContinue reading “It’s Jose Canseco!!!”

The Card That Sparked My Interest

It’s been a strange couple of weeks for me. It appears that lately, I have had more fun reporting on collecting, than collecting itself. It doesn’t help that my former idol has become a joke and my current favorite is struggling in the Minors, even after the rosters expanded for September. What little disposable incomeContinue reading “The Card That Sparked My Interest”

Collector Gets One Over on Burbank

When it comes to overpriced cards, no one can touch Burbank Sportscards. They have a one of a kind inventory which makes it possible for them to charge well above eBay and “book value”. I’ve heard stories from collectors who need just one card to complete a set but refuse to hand over their moneyContinue reading “Collector Gets One Over on Burbank”

A piece of history in my mailbox!

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from the agent of former baseball player, Luis Polonia. After a few minutes of chatting, the discussion turned to Wax Heaven favorite, Jose Canseco. Christie, Polonia’s agent informed me that in the early-80’s, Jose stayed with their family while playing with the Huntsville Stars Minor LeagueContinue reading “A piece of history in my mailbox!”

Can collecting survive retirement?

Do you remember Luis Gonzalez? You know, the guy who cranked 57 home runs in 2001? Did you know that despite putting up decent numbers in part-time duty in 2008, not a single team even invited him to camp for Spring Training this season. The result? A forced, early retirement. While that may not meanContinue reading “Can collecting survive retirement?”