Jose Canseco Fight Results & Photos

Jose Canseco was greeted by a round of boos as he entered the ring. The challenger, Todd Poulton, was a hometown hero who had most of the crowd on his side.

It didn’t take long for Jose to quiet the fans as he scored a first round knockdown with a jab and then kept his opponent from landing any meaningful punches throughout the fight.

Jose now improves his celebrity boxing record to 2-2 with this decision and might need to find a new job as the schtick seems to be getting old. It was estimated that less than 500 people were in attendance.

No word on who his next opponent will be.

Dustin Diamond, anyone …?

Jose Canseco & Michael Lohan

Will Jose Canseco get knocked out again?

In a few hours, the man who once conquered the world of baseball will step in the ring for his fourth celebrity fight. In those fights, Jose Canseco has yet to win once and has been brutally knocked out twice. Judging by his opponent, nicknamed “El Wingador”, it looks like there is no way Jose loses tonight.

Bill Simmons, only known for his multiple Wing Bowl eating contest victories is 47 and weighs close to 350 lbs. He is one eating contest away from a massive heart attack so I don’t see how in the world he will last more than one round against an in-shape Jose Canseco, even without Steroids.

Prediction: Simmons, who outweighs Jose will likely land a few shots before running out of steam in the 1st round. Jose will throw everything he has and either knock out Simmons or the fight will get stopped by a referee.

Jose’s downward spiral continues…

In case you missed the video, Jose Canseco made his MMA debut over the weekend and once again was demolished. This now makes three professional bouts and three humiliating losses for the former unanimous Most Valuable Player.

Jose still has a scheduled bout in Ft. Lauderdale in June but from the looks of it, he might have bowed out of the event. I still don’t have any details but it appears that fight will now have reality star, Johnny Fairplay as the headliner.

Either way, it’s incredibly disheartening to see your childhood idol in this state. Broke, almost homeless, and desperate for money, I don’t think Jose’s story will have a happy ending anytime soon.

I truly hope someone comes along and rescues Jose from what he has become today. It’s obvious that the people around him are simply using him for a quick pay day and nothing else.

My first photography gig w/ Jose Canseco

I have been pursuing photography for a couple of baseball seasons now. It’s a fun way to contribute something to fans of baseball and over the last couple of months I can honestly say that I have improved quite a bit, without having the luxury of using an expensive SLR camera like the professionals do.

I have been hired to be the official photographer of Celebrity Boxing 10, being held on Saturday, June 27th in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Headlining the event will be a former baseball star and my childhood idol, Jose Canseco.

Along with access to press conference and a great view from ringside, I will also be in the dressing room before and after the fight documenting every aspect of the event while trying to enjoy the spectacle of a celebrity boxing match.

An opponent has yet to be named. Stay tuned for exclusive coverage of the event.

Canseco vs. Bonaduce (results & photos)

The boxing fight of the year is upon us. In just a few hours, disgraced baseball player Jose Canseco will go up against child actor/adult stooge, Danny Bonaduce. The fight will take place at approximately 10 P.M Eastern time and will consist of three, one minute rounds.

The fight can be ordered through GoFightLive.TV but I will post the results as well as photos at Wax Heaven as soon as they become available. As of now, it’s been reported that Jose weighed in at 260 lbs., over twenty pounds more than his weight during his baseball days but he insists that he is “clean”.

In Canseco’s first celebrity boxing match, he was knocked out in the first round (link).


1. 10:48 P.M Eastern – The fight has been called a majority draw.

2. 12:52 A.M – First pictures hit the Internet

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