Bill Ripken hints Fleer was up to no good!

It’s been almost twenty years since the infamous 1989 Fleer Bill Ripken “error” card hit the market. Finally, the most famous baseball brother this side of Ozzie Canseco has commented on the card and has thrown a large accusation towards Fleer (LINK), now owned by Upper Deck and no longer producing baseball cards.

“I mean, they certainly have to have enough proofreaders to see it. I think not only did they see it, they enhanced it. That writing on that bat is way too clear. I don’t write that neat.”

So is Fleer responsible for one of the first and greatest “gimmick” cards of all-time?  We will likely discover who shot J.F.K before we learn the inner workings of a card company so don’t hold your breath. Now, the card once valued at hundreds of dollars can be had for very little so if you’ve ever dreamed of owning one rush out to eBay and make a bid or two.

This 1989 Fleer lacks a piece of a game-used relic, certified autograph or any other one of today’s popular vices but still ruled the Hobby for years, along other 80’s icons like the ’86 Donruss Jose Canseco and the ’89 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card.

As a card blogger, I am ashamed not to own a copy.


The end of an era

We regret to announce the untimely death of Fleer, L.L.C., who on the 19th of March was put out of its misery by a giant corporation who chose to release Spectrum series 6 instead of continuing the Fleer line. The deceased was reported to have shouted “It’s better to burn out, than fade away!” just before expiring. Fleer, L.L.C. is survived by 26 years of releases and 1,000,000+ gold medallion parallels. Funeral services will be held this Monday, March 24th. There will be a special performance by the Infamous Tatiana that is currently in pre-production. It will be much like the ‘Where Have All The Donruss Gone’ music video.

Stay tuned!