The Tale of the Topps Mexicans

Author: Matt W. As I mentioned in my introduction, I am one of only a handful of people to have ever completed the 1977 Topps Mexican football set. And while that is quite a hobby accomplishment (as Slowdog kindly noted in the comments), it’s the story behind my quest which is much more interesting than... Continue Reading →

Black Friday? More Like Black Doom

Shane of Wax Heaven's Man on the Street was once a regular fixture at Wax Heaven. Known as a "high-roller", Shane would buy several boxes of the highest-end products for collectors to see just what was being pulled from non-Beckett boxes. Coming out of retirement for a second time, Shane has returned to bust a... Continue Reading →

2009 Donruss Gridiron Gear Review

At least they're consistent. While bustin' through packs of Donruss Gridiron Gear I was surprised to see the design on the base cards. They didn't look Donruss-made. For starters, no foil or weird borders. It wasn't until later that I found some more Donruss-style cards in the box. Thankfully, the foil was left on the... Continue Reading →

You Be the Judge – SP Threads

I've been saying for quite some time that Upper Deck's design team clearly has more talent for creating football products than anything else. It seems like every time I bust a U.D. football product, I am amazed by a design, insert, or another new concept. 2009 SP Threads follows in that tradition. For starters, the... Continue Reading →

Topps Mayo Review

I'm a big fan of retro-themed products. This year alone I have fallen for T-51 Murad Basketball, Allen & Ginter Baseball, and to some extent, Topps Mayo Football. For me, I still have a bad taste left in my mouth from the disastrous 2008 Mayo release, which promised more than it delivered and left many... Continue Reading →

Topps Loses Football

What is going on in this hobby? So far in 2009 we have seen Topps & Upper Deck lose the NBA for a Panini America exclusive, Upper Deck lose baseball for a Topps exclusive, and now Topps loses the NFL. While I am distraught over Topps losing basketball after the amazing Murad basketball release early... Continue Reading →

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