Topps Pays Tribute to the Kennedys’

As a tribute to the Kennedy brothers, Topps has included a very rare relic card #’d to five copies featuring John, Robert, and Ted Kennedy, who succumbed to Cancer two weeks ago.

This is Topps’ second card featuring Ted Kennedy being released since his death. The first was an eTopps release which you can read about here.

Upper Deck also paid tribute to the iconic Ted Kennedy with a card in the Philadelphia Football brand, which was released before his untimely death at 77.

2009 Topps Triple Threads arrives in store later this month.


Cardboard Wars – Ted Kennedy

In case you’ve been away from Earth recently, you probably know that Senator Ted Kennedy passed away last week. As is usually the case when someone very hated dies (see Michael Jackson), mostly everyone decided to focus on the good Teddy had done in his life.

Weeks before his death, Upper Deck released a Kennedy trading card in their Philadelphia Football release. It’s currently selling for about $3-$5 dollars on the secondary market.

Topps, knowing when to cash in on a good story released their own Ted Kennedy card by way of the struggling eTopps brand. The card, which has a print run of 999, will be available on September 7th.

Given the option of just one card, which would you choose?

“Boner” sighting in 2009 eTopps!

Topps has cashed in on the Florida Marlins’ early success by releasing the first card of Emilio “Boner” Bonifacio in his Marlins uniform through the eTopps website. They also have new cards of Jordan Schaffer, Mark Texeira, and Colby Rasmus.

Back in 2008, I pulled a Bonifacio autograph in SPx and gave it away in a contest, never expecting him to be a Marlins player. Today, the very same card is suddenly hot on the secondary market, selling as high as $30+. Someone was even insane enough to pay $100 dollars for his Upper Deck Premier autograph, numbered to just 10 copies.

The 2009 eTopps card has a print run of 699 copies and will run you six dollars. (link)

Card of the Day – 2007 eTopps

I am not perfect. Actually, I am far from it. Occasionally I call one wrong and I never have a problem admitting to it. For the longest time I did everything I could to bash eTopps. I just didn’t get the concept or why I would buy a card only to have it sit in some warehouse and then pay extra to ship it to me at a later date.

I hated eTopps….that is, until I received my first one. The card you see is a 2007 eTopps Andrew Miller. It’s got everything a “Jose Collector” like me could ever ask for. It’s dark, uses Refractor technology, and it’s surprisingly thick. No, not Upper Deck Black thick but a good size. It’s also serial numbered but I could go either way on that. This is also one of Andrew’s best-looking, non-autographed rookie cards.

This card, #99 in my Andrew Miller collection came from Wax Heaven reader, Casey. Originally, he was going to send it my way as a gift but I was able to find some special cards to send his way. Along with this card, he sent over many interesting Marlins cards that should keep this ‘Card of the Day’ feature going well into next week!

Thanks Casey, for the awesome card and for changing my mind about eTopps!

Another lazy effort from Topps

I don’t care how many times it’s been explained to me, if I pay for a baseball card I want to physically add it to my collection, not keep it in some vault in New York. That being said, I am not a fan of e-Topps. Still, in the past they have put out some awfully nice cards and this one is no exception.

So yes, even though the photo is clearly from an old photo shoot and is on the wrong team, I want it. Couldn’t the guys at e-Topps just re-use the photo they put on Maybin’s 2008 Topps Co-Signers card instead of using a photo from 2006?

If you are an e-Topps zombie odds are you’ve already made your decision and are pulling out your Visa to buy this card up but for the same amount this card is being sold for ($40), you could buy a Maybin autograph from the team he currently plays on, the Florida Marlins.

Here you can find his autograph from 2007 Bowman Sterling for $34.99 or ‘Best Offer and for probably under $2.00 you can find his 2008 Topps Co-Signers with the proper team. Who knows? Maybe in a month’s time a company will come out with a Cameron Maybin autograph with the Florida Marlins as his team that is not a dual auto but as for 2008 e-Topps, you guys have failed.

Cameron Maybin e-Topps