Sportkings Series C now live!

After watching Freedom Card Board’s wonderful live video stream from the National Sports Collectors Convention it hit me just how far behind “The Hobby’s #1 Source” truly is. Here is a company that’s been around forever that has so far provided zero coverage, while a website that is barely a year old has video, photos, and a chat room.

I truly wish I could attend the National, even with the outrageous prices because the atmosphere looks to be pretty amazing. Hopefully they bring the convention a little further South in a few years so I can at least have the opportunity of going (I don’t fly).

Anyway, Sportkings Series C is now live and hitting eBay. So far, autographs of Mike Tyson, Lennox Lewis, and legendary wrestler, Rowdy Roddy Piper have surfaced, all with insane asking prices. Although the design is missing that something special, I give major credit to Sportkings for providing collectors with a product that features 100% on-card autographs.

You can view the Sportkings Series C eBay auctions HERE.


ESPN and the rest of the sports media loves to poke fun whenever WWE or it’s chairman, Vince McMahon lands in hot water. I think Major League Baseball could learn a thing or two from Vince. After the Chris Benoit tragedy, anyone who fails a drug test gets publicly outed by the company, no matter who you are.

Umaga, 36, is wrestling royalty. His mother is the sister of the legendary Wild Samoans. His brother is 90’s WWE star, Rikishi and his cousin is The Rock, Duane Johnson. Earlier this week Umaga failed a drug test, his second. The WWE wanted him in rehab and when Umaga refused, they showed him the door.

WWE conducted a surprise testing this Monday. It is believed that news is around the corner for multiple suspensions, including that of a top WWE star. If you are a wrestling fan, stay tuned to Wax Heaven for a complete list of wrestlers who were caught, once the list becomes public.

As for the autograph below, it’s on eBay for $30 dollars. Save your money.

You Be the Judge – TNA Knockouts

I wrote an entire piece on how I believe TRISTAR is wasting their time with the TNA license last night which you can find here. The product itself delivered on its promise of four “hits”, three of them being autographs and a parallel #’d to 50 or less.

The problem is that this kind of release is geared towards the horny wrestling population which is like 99.9% of every wrestling fan but these women hardly look attractive. Some are old and washed up, others are big and scary looking (ODB, Awesome Kong) and the ones who are attractive aren’t exactly “knockouts”.

Take a look at WWE’s Maria, Kelly Kelly, and Melina. These women are perfect in almost every way possible and they represent just a small fraction of WWE’s Diva roster. While TNA does have a few attractive women, most of them look like the kind of ladies you’d find working at your local Wal-Mart.

That being said, TNA Knockouts does have some pretty decent “hits” which are selling well on the secondary market. The most popular insert from the set seems to be the Knockout Kiss card, which has gone on to sell for close to $150 dollars in a recent auction.

You can find the 4-hit boxes on eBay for under $45 dollars all day long, with the 6-hit boxes selling for about $10 dollars more if you are patient. While this is not a product for every collector, it will certainly be popular among the TNA fans and supporters.

(thumbnails lead to full-size scans)

Newsflash: Wrestling fans still idiots

Well, at least these two morons are.

Two fans and a mob of people stopped Chris Jericho’s SUV after a show. A young couple were seen harassing Chris, banging on his vehicle and pushing the former WWE Champion.

Jericho can be clearly heard screaming to security, “Do your fucking job”.

If you are one of the normal wrestling fans who also happens to collect trading cards, Chris has a certified autograph in 1998’s Topps WCW/NWO set, along with several event-used relics.

Jeff Hardy’s win is anticlimactic

I know I am not the only one who saw traces of a young Shawn Michaels early in Jeff Hardy’s career. Michaels, now a wrestling legend began his WWE career as one half of the tag team, The Rockers in the 80’s. By the early 90’s Shawn had outgrown his less-talented partner and began a historic singles run which led way to four World Championships.

Jeff Hardy came into the WWE alongside his brother Matt and took over the wrestling tag team scene as ‘The Hardy Boys”. For years many were expecting huge things from Jeff but watched as the extremely talented (and popular) Hardy Boy got into one mishap after another. By 2003 Vince McMahon fired Hardy for drug use, erratic behavior, and for missing many house shows. After being allowed back in the WWE, Jeff was suspended in March after violating WWE’s Substance Abuse and Drug Testing Policy. A few months later there was an incident of a drunk Jeff Hardy causing mayhem in a Nashville airport.

Somehow, Jeff has finally beaten the odds and won the World Championship after a decade of work and battling his inner demons. Jeff’s certified autographs from Topps Chrome & Heritage sell anywhere between $30-$50 dollars. He is also featured in many other sets, which you can find HERE.