Jackie Chan is INSANE!

I hate to admit that when it comes to action films, I am not much of an expert. I've never seen a movie featuring Bruce Lee, anything with Chuck Norris, or anyone else in that genre. I was familiar with Jackie Chan after seeing 'Rumble in the Bronx' . After that, it seemed like Chan... Continue Reading →

Ed McMahon gravely ill

The Tonight Show co-host and legendary TV icon Ed McMahon is reported to be serious condition in an undisclosed hospital in Los Angeles. McMahon, 85,  whose home was recently foreclosed on, is battling Pneumonia and Cancer and has been bedridden for over a month. For fans of the famous sidekick, McMahon has several autographs and... Continue Reading →

All hail ’98 Donruss Crusade

Early in 2008 I wrote that 1998's Donruss Crusade inserts were the greatest of all-time. Having seen one in person, I can honestly say it is the only time one can refer to a baseball card as being "beautiful". There are three parallels to the ultra-rare Crusade line. The Green is #'d to 250, the... Continue Reading →

Pathetic numbers from my P.C.

I am working on the single biggest trade of my collecting life, involving Andrew Miller. While going through my collection this morning, consisting of 147 different cards, I made a shocking discovery. Out of 45 certified autographs in my collection, only 9 of them are done without a sticker label. To put that into perspective,... Continue Reading →

Should Donruss get an MLB license?

There's two factions when it comes to Donruss/Panini with regards to the baseball card market. There is the side that is dying for Donruss to return to their glory years as they have grown tired of Topps and Upper Deck. Then there is the other side who dies a little each time they think of... Continue Reading →

Nolan Ryan still spilling ‘Blood’

In the last twenty years, there has been one incident that's been exploited by Major League Baseball more than any other. From the moment Bo Jackson smashed a baseball off Nolan Ryan's lip and the "Ryan Express" refused help, it became the stuff of legends for every baseball fan on the planet. The first time... Continue Reading →

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