Catch Mark Buehrle in person!

Today, Chicago White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle threw only the 18th perfect game in the history of baseball. While that feat will have collectors rushing to eBay hoping to snatch up Buehrle’s best rookie cards and certified autographs, some might be in for a bit of a surprise. Mark Buehrle, who already had a no-hitterContinue reading “Catch Mark Buehrle in person!”

Gordon Beckham Superfractor on eBay!

The best card from ’08 BDPP has been pulled and placed on eBay (LINK). In 2007, Wax Heaven covered the then smoking hot Joba Chamberlain Superfractor which originally sold for $5,000 and then made a return on eBay five months later with an asking price of just under fifteen grand. Looking back at the ridiculouslyContinue reading “Gordon Beckham Superfractor on eBay!”

The end is near for Ken Griffey Jr.

One of the greatest of all-time and certainly the best non-steroid user of the 90’s, Ken Griffey Jr. is an unwanted man in Chicago (LINK). Unless he decides to retire, “The Kid” will be playing on his third different team in two years during the 2009 season. Griffey Jr., who once hit 56 home runsContinue reading “The end is near for Ken Griffey Jr.”

Evan Longoria now has competition!

Let me just state the obvious before I begin. I am so damn jealous of the Tampa Bay Rays it’s impossible to hide. Keep in mind that for 2 1/2 seasons I was a Devil Rays fan, cheering for Jose Canseco and Greg Vaughn and was watching the night Tony Saunders literally threw his armContinue reading “Evan Longoria now has competition!”

The slow death of “Fernandomania”

Coming to America in 1988 as an impressionable and fatherless child was the ultimate rude awakening for me. Even before I learned the language I fell in love with the culture and knew the lyrics to ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ before I knew my ABC’s. The one thing I always looked for was someone toContinue reading “The slow death of “Fernandomania””

A Day In Cooperstown – guest editorial

Andrew Chrisman runs Sports Card Info, a blog that provides hobby news, stories, thoughts, and fake card information. — — — Outstanding, magical, and just plain cool are only a few words that can describe The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. This past week, Sports Card Info took a trip to Cooperstown, NYContinue reading “A Day In Cooperstown – guest editorial”

The day after…

Below are some of the first images released after the trade deadline. Manny Ramirez looks like he’s having a blast in California. Ken Griffey Jr. looks like nothing more than a hired gun. Jason Bay was too boring to photograph. Pudge looks evil in pinstripes.

Ken Griffey Jr. traded!!!

This is officially the most insane baseball season of all-time. Ivan Rodriguez to the Yankees, Manny Ramirez possibly going to the Marlins, and now Ken Griffey Jr. has officially become a Chicago White Sox. You can check out the White Sox official website HERE. You can check out the White Sox card blog HERE forContinue reading “Ken Griffey Jr. traded!!!”

Zack Hample’s collection is worthless

Sure, he may have close to 4,000 Major League baseballs, a small army of brainless zombies paying him ridiculous fees to “hang” with him, and he may have even caught a ball from one of Barry’s many tainted home runs but he doesn’t have this ball and he never will. I’d trade a whole collectionContinue reading “Zack Hample’s collection is worthless”

Is this guy the next Jose Canseco?

When you hear a phrase like “the next Jose Canseco” being used, negativity immediately clouds your mind. Is someone being called a clubhouse Cancer? Is he on Steroids? Does he strike out too much? Well, for once someone is being compared to Jose and it’s for something wonderful, his power. I always hear, “one man’sContinue reading “Is this guy the next Jose Canseco?”

The 500-Homerun club is getting crowded

Manny Ramirez is coming real close to 500 homeruns and as impressive as that is, there are now so many members that it has lost some of its elite status. After Manny hits his 500th in a few days or maybe even a week, you will have the loudmouth Sheffield (482) coming in no laterContinue reading “The 500-Homerun club is getting crowded”

Heavenly Collections – Frank Thomas

By 1997, The “Big Hurt” Frank Thomas had become a Chi-Town legend at Comiskey Park. At just 29 years old Thomas had won two M.V.P awards, hit 30+ home runs six times, including three seasons with 40 or more, and driven in 100 R.B.I in seven straight seasons. You can’t blame Chad for becoming aContinue reading “Heavenly Collections – Frank Thomas”

Jose Canseco vs. Magglio Ordonez

Oh boy, now it is getting real dirty. There is a rumor being passed off by ESPN as a news story claiming that Jose Canseco tried to blackmail former teammate Magglio Ordonez. The story goes that sometime in 2005 someone acting on Jose’s behalf called Magglio asking for money to fund a movie. In return,Continue reading “Jose Canseco vs. Magglio Ordonez”

White Sox plunder the last of Oakland’s ritches

The Chicago White Sox just picked up sometime-slugger and full-time David Cassidy impressionist Nick Swisher from the A’s.  Swisher, who had a huge season for Oakland in 2006 is the second star to be traded away by Oakland in a month. In his best season he hit 35 home runs and 95 RBI but hasContinue reading “White Sox plunder the last of Oakland’s ritches”