Leaf’s Stunning Coup

I’m never going to fully jump on the Leaf bandwagon. To me, the original Leaf that died in the late-90s, along with its parent company, Pinnacle Brands, is long gone. Most, if not all of Brian Grey’s version of Leaf, has been lackluster at best. They are already in the hole due to not being able to use team names or logos but when you suffer from very amateurish graphic design work and cards with photos of jerseys instead of actual players, well, that puts the proverbial nail in the coffin as far as my interest in their products is concerned. Leaf performs wonders with their celebrity autographs but as far as baseball, it’s a no-go for me.

My dislike of Leaf products doesn’t change the fact that the card above is an absolute monster for the 2021 release calendar. If you are a fan of either disgraced slugger, a collector of Oakland A’s, or even just a fan of the 80s, this card is a must-have. The tales of McGwire refusing to sign anything with Canseco on it goes back more than a decade. Big Mac hates Jose so the fact that this card even exists is thanks to Brian’s ingenuity and the magic of sticker autographs. I am certain Mark had no idea (or even cared) where the stickers were going to once the Leaf check cleared the bank.

What’s funny about this card … and so on par for 2021 and modern collecting, is that despite the dual being clearly a “one of one”, there appears to be multiple “one of one” versions released from this product. That is hilarious because in essence, even a one of one is no longer a one of one. Check out this Red version of the card you see above. Kind of makes me wonder how many colors of the rainbow Leaf decided to bust out for this somewhat-rare card. You can add that to the list of things that just don’t make sense in collecting modern trading cards. Your “one of one” is really a one of 4-7.