Jose Canseco Fight Results & Photos

Jose Canseco was greeted by a round of boos as he entered the ring. The challenger, Todd Poulton, was a hometown hero who had most of the crowd on his side.

It didn’t take long for Jose to quiet the fans as he scored a first round knockdown with a jab and then kept his opponent from landing any meaningful punches throughout the fight.

Jose now improves his celebrity boxing record to 2-2 with this decision and might need to find a new job as the schtick seems to be getting old. It was estimated that less than 500 people were in attendance.

No word on who his next opponent will be.

Dustin Diamond, anyone …?

Jose Canseco & Michael Lohan

Rodney King Ready For A New Beating

I wish I could tell you the trading card you see below, depicting an infamous and sad day in our history, was not real. It was produced in 2004 by Rittenhouse for their True Crime trading cards and features a drawing of the Los Angeles police officers who beat Rodney King within an inch of his life.

For that brutal and disgusting beating, King walked away with $3.8 million dollars, which he used to open a record company. The money must have run out because in 2008 Rodney took another beating, this time by normal criminals, while riding his bicycle.

Thank goodness for celebrity boxing. Two months ago, Rodney stepped into the ring for his first fight, against a police officer, and walked away the winner. Tomorrow, he will take part in his second celebrity boxing match in a hotel with another former big name on the under card.

Guess who …?

It’s safe to say that Jose Canseco’s career has been a colossal failure. Having suffered two knockouts and a loss to a much smaller Danny Bonaduce, it’s hard to imagine why he would continue to pursue this new “career”. Either way, he too will be fighting on Friday.

Jose’s opponent is Todd Poulton, a real boxing enthusiast who just missed out on turning pro. Believe me when I tell you that he takes celebrity boxing very seriously. More likely than not, you can expect photographs of Jose out on his ass yet again on Friday night.

Stay tuned to Wax Heaven for coverage of the fight.

True Crime

EXCLUSIVE: New Mike Tyson Autographs

After watching the Oprah interview with Mike Tyson I felt compelled to get some new information on the upcoming 2010 Ringside Boxing: Round One.

Below is an exclusive first-look at two Mike Tyson on-card certified autographs that will be included in the product, set for release in March.

There is still not much information on Ringside Boxing but you can see many more photos and information on the first all-boxing set in more than a decade HERE.

Mike Tyson Breaks Down on Oprah

There hasn’t been a bigger attraction for the sport of boxing in the last 20 years than Mike Tyson. Becoming the youngest Heavyweight Champion, becoming a knockout machine, and being featured in a classic Nintendo game doesn’t hurt either.

Unfortunately, like most boxers, “Iron Mike” hung around way too long. Once the dedication and ferocity left, Mike turned into a big time punching bag for young, unknown fighters. The man who won 50 fights (44 by knockout), was himself knocked out in three of his last four fights.

Earlier this week, Mike Tyson went on the Oprah show. Not expecting much from the Queen of Fluff, I decided to tune out. Boy, did I miss something special. Mike made the interview memorable by discussing everything in his life from drug addiction and abuse, to the ear biting incident and the recent death of his daughter.

You can check out an emotional clip of Mike discussing his daughter HERE.

If you’re still a fan of Mike Tyson, you currently have two options for a certified autograph. Topps’ Allen & Ginter released a short-print autograph which rarely hits eBay. There is currently one with a Buy It Now of $300 dollars.

The second choice is Sportkings Series C which also has Tyson in the autograph checklist. Surprisingly, both Topps and Sportkings’ autographs are on-card. The last copy sold for $200+ dollars.

Arturo Gatti’s Deal With Ringside Boxing

Arturo “Thunder” Gatti, the legendary boxer raised in Montreal, Canada was one of the first fighters to sign on for the Ringside Boxing Round One trading card set. Having boxed professionally for over 15 years, no one had yet to produce a card of Gatti featuring a fight-worn relic or certified autograph.

On July 11th, 2009, all chances of owning a “Thunder” autograph came to and end when the 37-year old was found dead in a hotel room in Brazil. After several weeks of speculation and with Gatti’s young wife being held in a jail for murder, police finally ruled Arturo Gatti’s death a suicide.

It’s a shame that Arturo felt the need to take his own life. It’s also incredibly unfortunate for his fans who also collect because it means that we may never see any of his cards on the market. At this moment, Gatti’s estate is up in the air and it’s likely to remain that way for some time.

Here’s hoping Dr. Price can put a deal together soon so that we may at least have the opportunity to own relic cards of the legendary fighter. If done right and not overproduced, Gatti’s fight-worn relics could be the surprise hit of the product, no pun intended.