One Word: Insanity

I think it’s fair to say that after three years with the Red Sox, Daisuke Matsuzaka hasn’t quite earned what his team paid to bring him to America. In three seasons, Dice-K has won 37 games and has had a very public spat with front office.

That being said, collectors still love the 28-year old Japanese pitcher and cards of his still sell for extremely respectable prices on the secondary market. While collectors have many great cards to pick from, the card you see below might be the coolest of all.

The quad autograph comes from 2007 Upper Deck Ultimate’s “Ultimate Choice” program. If you were one of ten lucky collectors to pull the redemption, you had your choice of picking any four players’ signatures to go on a custom card.

Personally, I would have gone with two Derek Jeter and two Tiger Woods autographs but as you can see, the collector chose four Dice-K autographs. What makes the card even cooler (and somewhat surreal) is that each photo of the Red Sox starter is different.

No word on how many of the ten Ultimate Choice redemptions were actually redeemed but according to Upper Deck, it will not be making a return in any upcoming products anytime soon.

Who will produce my Jose Canseco quad autograph now …?

Insane Dick-K Quad Auto