My encounter with a Joe Collector!

Remember the “Joe Collector” craze started by Sports Cards Uncensored? During that time, I rarely got involved in those discussions because I don’t care how collectors price their own cards. I rarely make trades and when I do, I have been fortunate enough to deal with people who don’t worship the Beckett bible.

The other day while surfing through Freedom Card Board I ran into a topic from a user politely asking for the Beckett price of an Evan Longoria autograph. If you’ve ever been to a card forum you run into these posts on a daily basis, even though many pretend not to give a crap about “book value”. Obviously, many collectors do still care.

After a few polite responses, one person recommended the user check out the eBay completed auctions to see what the card was selling for on the secondary market. The advice was not sarcastic, rude, or anything but trying to be helpful. The Joe Collector’s response shocked me.

“I don’t want the fake eBay price, I want what it’s actually worth according to Beckett”

At that point, one member pointed out that many collectors use eBay completed auctions to gauge the price of a card but unfortunately, this seemed to irritate the Joe Collector even more.

“I don’t care what it sold for on eBay where someone paid what money they had in their pocket”.

At this point I realized how bitter this user was. Clearly he had spent thousands of dollars on cards over his lifetime only to be laughed at when trying to sell them according to his bible’s guide. Hell, we all want our cards to be worth and even sell for what Beckett quotes but 99% of sane collectors know that is not going to happen.

I can understand the old school train of thought of not wanting to switch over to eBay prices. Frankly, I don’t care if you use Beckett or not. Who am I to judge what’s right and what’s wrong? All I am saying is that if you’re going to be that upset at the mere thought of using another resource… something might be wrong with you.

Maybe I found a sucker to sell of these cards to?


Wax Heaven takes the Beckett Challenge!

“This might have a case hit”

Just like that, Beckett’s Tracy Hackler informed it’s few blog readers that he was about to bust a box loaded with “hits” that you are likely never going to come close to.

2009 Press Pass Eclipse is a “high-end” product which guarantees 3 memorabilia cards and 1 autograph per box. While I am no fan of anything Nascar-related, especially when their events replace The Simpsons & Family Guy on Sundays, Wax Heaven’s Man on the Street informed me a couple of days ago that he would be busting a box of this at his favorite Hobby shop this Friday.

Well, Beckett’s box yielded six total “hits”. What are the chances¬† a normal, non-loaded box from a Hobby shop yields that many extra “hits”? We will all know on Friday night when Shane returns with his pulls.

In the meantime, make sure to participate in the poll.

Another Hobby superstar flames out

I have never been a fan of the Olympics. It should come as no surprise that while America was falling in love with a former criminal named Michael Phelps, I was doing my part by pointing out that he had an autographed rookie in 2004 Donruss (link). Beckett Media, being the “#1 Leading Source In Collectibles” followed my lead just two days later.

Anyway, I never understood the fascination with Phelps. He competes in a “sport” that only gets attention at special events like the Olympics and he’s got a D.U.I on his record. It doesn’t matter how old he was at the time (19), many young adults get into trouble early in their life but not all of them drive under the influence and put innocent people in danger.

Fine, whatever. It’s old news, right? Well, the classy Mr. Phelps has made news again for being snapped for a photo while smoking Marijuana from a bong pipe. The worst part of it all is that Phelps’ camp was so distraught and desperate to save their cash cow from being outed that they made every offer imaginable to keep the story from being published (link).

So ends the Michael Phelps post-Olympics career. Personally, I was sick of it after seeing him dance half-naked with a creepy Alex Rodriguez and Tony Hawk, who somehow managed to keep his dignity despite appearing oin a commercial with two media whores. This is why Tony Hawk’s signature from the Fans of the Game Donruss Autograph is still the card to own (LINK).

Upper Deck is back on board!

I was working on a big story for tonight when out of the blue a Fed Ex package arrived from Upper Deck. Inside it contained four packs of 2008 Sweet Spot, a box of USA Baseball, 2008-09 SPx hockey, and 2008-09 Fleer basketball. What this means for the Wax Heaven reader is new product reviews, video box breaks, and contests!

I already busted the Sweet Spot (on video) and pulled a beautiful Derek Jersey “hit” which will be available in a contest tomorrow morning so be ready to leave your comment to enter. As for Upper Deck, thanks again for truly caring about the Blogging community. These cards will go to readers of the site who truly love collecting and couldn’t care less about the politics.

P.S – What box should I bust next?

Card of the Day – ’08 Bowman Chrome

When Charles of Hawk to the Hall walked into his local hobby shop today he didn’t intend on buying any 2008 Bowman Chrome.¬† Luckily for him, he just could not pass up the $2 dollars a pack price tag and picked up a few packs. Inside, he found five Refractors, an autograph, and a dual autograph, titled ‘Head of the Class’, featuring popular New York Yankees pitchers, Joba Chamberlain and Phil Hughes.

As far as the ‘Head of the Class’, which is one of the better pulls from last year’s Bowman Chrome… it’s not the first time these two hurlers have appeared on a card together. The first time was in 2007 Topps ’52 Rookie Cup Edition but the best-known and most valuable is a 2007 Bowman Sterling dual autograph which sells well despite both players still not having lived up to their potential.

I believe 2009 will be Joba’s year but I am still not sold on Hughes, who is beloved by collectors for joining the Beckett Message Board (and posting) a couple of years ago. Today, collectors still hold their “man crush” despite Phil’s long absence from the forum and even his own WordPress blog.

If these two breakout this year, expect this card to climb to back to “hype” levels again.

Are collectors brain dead?

Now, before you go and claim that I am being rude remember that I was the one who called myself an “idiot” for buying twenty year-old chocolate on eBay (LINK). Yes, we all make mistakes and horrible impulse buys but to the few who made bids on this disgusting Razor Cut Signature Encore Edition “1 of 1” Byron Nelson, shame on you all.

It’s bad enough the card is pretty much just a cut-up Upper Deck card with a sticker autograph and a Razor-designed border but the final price was close to $160 dollars when the original Upper Deck version last sold for less than $50 dollars just a couple of days ago!

I don’t know what is worse; being an idiot who pays good money for moldy chocolate or being a brain dead collector who thought this atrocity was an actual “1 of 1”. Ok, I have you guys all beat as the box of rotten, now deadly chocolate still sits in my freezer months after the initial purchase.

Nice slab, by the way. I am beginning to think Beckett will put their name on just about anything these days so long as they get paid in advance. I can only imagine what cockamamie scheme they have planned for 2009. Perhaps rip-off a blogger’s bread and butter to fill your magazine? Oh wait, you guys already did that.

P.SThat was the first time I have used the word cockamamie.

Cardboard Wars – Battle of 1994

In 1994, it seemed that Upper Deck could do no wrong. First, they included in their flagship release a dual autograph of Ken Griffey Jr. and Mickey Mantle. The card features two of the greatest sluggers to ever play the game and no sticker anywhere in sight.

Later that year, Upper Deck released their SP line which featured a young kid named Alex Rodriguez who would go on to make insane amounts of money, “date” Jose Canseco’s wife, and somehow find time to hit 500 home runs at the earliest age that it’s ever been done. These two cards are not just 1994’s best but perhaps some of the greatest of the entire decade.

The question is simple, which one wins the war? The dual autograph of two Hall of Fame legends (Griffey will end up there) or the near-perfect graded copy of Alex Rodriguez that has an asking price of $13,000 dollars? It should be noted that it’s been well over a decade since 1994 SP and there has yet to be a single copy of the Alex Rodriguez rookie card that has graded a “10 Gem Mint”. This is as high as they seem to go but knowing Beckett, slip them a little extra funds and you might get yourself a “10”.

So who wins this Cardboard War?