The Incredibly Plummeting Beckett

In the last few hours I have received both comments and emails about one of Beckett Media’s latest blogs which might or might not poke fun at my announcement last night.

While there might be so irony in the timing of Mr. Hackler’s post title, I believe it was not intentional. If you want real irony, take a look at the video of Chris Olds bustin’ open packs of 2009 Fathead.

Anyway, this feud has gone on long enough. I have decided to play nice with Beckett Media from this moment on. In fact, I am prepared to share with you my secret for the very first time ever. I am going to teach you the Wax Heaven reader how to become a millionaire overnight. Are you ready?

Head over to your bank, mattress, or cookie jar (depending on what kind of stoner you are) and withdrawal $500 U.S dollars and buy as many 2009 Platinum Chrome Refractor Wal-Mart edition of Cal Ripken. On eBay, they sell for as little as .99 cents to as high as a whopping $5. Once you’ve accumulated about 450+ of them head over to your nearest card shop, buy a Beckett price guide and offer the shop owner Beckett’s price of $40 dollars for each card.

After you unload all 450 for $40 dollars (or just a bit less) you will be left with more than $15,000 dollars thanks to “The #1 Source”. Now head back to eBay and buy 1,000 of them for the going rate and do it over again. In no time you will be traveling the country buying up people’s collections like Mr. Mint.

You guys can all thank me later while we’re cruising the Atlantic in our yachts.

(H/T: The Achiever Blog)


Da Hobby Hook Up

hey everyone welcome to my new column at Wax Heaven. my name is Rosalie Verola and aside from attenting Bergen Community College in Jersey I consider myself to be a Minor League dater for 22 out of 37 years.

i know yous guys got a bad rep for collecting card board with pictures of men on it but I’m not here to judge. my goal here is to learn you geeks living in Ma’s basement to sell your collection and move on out.

for starters, check out sites like MySpace and find yourself a mate. I know dis will sound hard to believe but i wasn’t always popular with the goombas. if you were once unttractive like me put down the 2009 hobby boxes and start benching some 1991 upper deck factory sets. soon enough your pasty arms will grow some giambi muscles.

have you tried dating prisoners? my friend dated a coupleĀ  of them and while they can be a little demanding (turn the damn light off!), its a good way to pick up some sexual experience in the congucal trailer every other weekend. “ROSE” did that for a few months but every man she hookd up with turned all Bobby Trendy so that was a waste of my, err… her time.

anyway, tune in next week when i reveal tips on sexting… my lover is on his way and besides yous guys probably got some ebaying to do. if one of you could do me a favor and pick me up a giant lot of AA batteries. my remote control goes through them like you nerds go through penny sleeves.

until next time,


Hawaii Trade Conference – Florida Edition

The 24th annual Hawaii Trade Conference is just around the corner and Topps has released images of the exclusive preview cards for T-206 100th Anniversary product being released this Fall.

While there is no official product review for T-206 100th Anniversary, these preview cards, all numbered to 100, will be given away to attendees of Topps Meet the Industry session during the Hawaii Trade Conference.

While the conference is just four hours away from my home, it is a bit out of the price range of most Hobby enthusiast ($550 per person). If I do get the opportunity to attend, I will bring readers of Wax Heaven exclusive photos of the meeting between myself and the one and only Chris Olds.

This year, representatives from Panini Digital, Razor Entertainment, Upper Deck, Topps, Donruss, and Beckett will all be on hand for the conference, hosted in Palm Bay, Florida.

A final note on “book value”

I’m not here to beat a dead horse. You want to use Beckett to price your cards? Be my guest. Truth is, if you have something I really, really want I don’t care what it takes, I will try to work with you. I’d prefer to use eBay prices but not all of us can carry eBay in our pockets.

In one of the many episodes of Box Busters, Beckett opened a Donruss Prime Cuts loaded box which contained a Joe Jackson bat relic #’d to 25 copies. As usual, some of the blogosphere spazzed out and then forgot all about it. As it turns out, Beckett was kind enough to give the card away to one of its readers.

Here’s what caught my eye:

“Win this $400 Joe Jackson bat card!”

Umm, really?

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Example 4

Example 5

Using Beckett’s logic, I am going to open a profile and will list myself (5’9, 235 lbs.) as a 6 foot 4 inch, muscular doctor with a brand new Corvette and a beach house in Malibu.

Wax Heaven loses Beckett Challenge

As predicted by over 150 Wax Heaven readers, Beckett kicked our ass.

Shane, Wax Heaven’s Man on the Street went into his favorite Hobby shop hoping to buy a few boxes of Heritage and one box of 2009 Press Pass Eclipse. Unfortunately, Heritage was completely sold out so he instead he spent his hard-earned money on two $120 dollar boxes of Press Pass.

As you can see from the scans, not only did Shane, a collector who supports local shops, not get any extra “hits” like Beckett Media did, one of his autographs was signed with invisible ink and the best “relic” in the box was damaged.

See what happens when you take on corporate?

Tomorrow the ‘Man on the Street’ busts 2008-’09 Topps T-51 Murad.

Man on the Street – 2009 Upper Deck

While Wax Heaven is technically “sponsored” by the two big companies, sometimes it takes a little longer than expected to received boxes for review. Thankfully, Shane, Wax Heaven’s ‘Man on the Street’ came through and bought four Hobby boxes to show some of the “hits” you might receive as an average, non-Beckettized collector.

Sure, Becket Media will get a “1 of 1” dual autograph Ken Griffey/Derek Jeter… but for the rest of us, we’d be happy with a David Murphy autograph and a B.J Upton game-used relic. Oh, joy!

Below is the haul from the four boxes opened by Shane. If these were your four boxes, would you feel like you got your money’s worth? He paid just under $70 dollars for each one. I don’t know about you guys but judging from the box breaks I have seen, I’d stick to one box of this product.

As always, thumbnails lead to full-size scans.