And So It Ends

Author: Mario Alejandro There was once a time when The Hobby ran through my mind 24/7. Here I was cranking out over 100 articles per month, recording box breaks to post on YouTube, scouring eBay for new cards I needed, and making online trades in every popular online forum available. Oh, did I forget to … More And So It Ends

This Card Makes Me Sad

Author: Mario Alejandro Take a look at this dual game-used memorabilia card featuring the Bash Brothers from 2010 Famous Fabrics. While it’s the card several collectors have been waiting for, it’s an absolute FAIL on so many levels. Let’s ignore for a moment that the two pieces of fabric, while larger than normal pieces you’d … More This Card Makes Me Sad

Examples of Pinnacle Backdoored Cards

Author: Mario Alejandro While my latest article talks about the possibility¬†of Upper Deck cards being backdoored¬†if the company goes under, I didn’t have a chance to show readers examples of some legendary and very expensive backdoored cards from the final days of Pinnacle Brands. Unlike Upper Deck, which in my opinion had an average year … More Examples of Pinnacle Backdoored Cards