A Day of Fun at the Dania Card Show

Author: Mario Alejandro

For a collector of sports cards, there’s just nothing quite like attending a well-organized and active card show. As popular as collecting is on the Internet thanks to popular message boards and blogs, it just isn’t that huge in every state.

For example, in the early 90s I had four card shops within a 30 minute drive for me to choose from. Today, there is just one within 30 miles and 75% of the shop is dedicated to comic books. That’s why I absolute love checking out the monthly Dania Card Show run by Lou.

My only time attending the show was early last year. Unfortunately, it was under the worst of circumstances. For starters, I only had about $15 dollars to spend and thanks to the facilities’ awesome nachos, I was left with about $7 dollars to work with.

After hours of going through boxes hoping to find a Jose Canseco card I needed (I found one the entire day), I severely injured my back thanks to hours of crouching over short tables and ended up at a local hospital barely able to move all the while getting bitched out by my significant other.

This time around, I was fortunate enough to have a fresh C-note to work with just in case by some miracle someone brings along a box of Jose Canseco cards I might need. I also went sans the significant other and while that may be just a little depressing, at least I can take comfort in those nachos.

Show Review:

Atmosphere – B+

Lots of collectors, young and old and a surprising amount of females made their way to the Dania Card Show. Some of the dealers seemed less than thrilled to be there, though.

Variety of products – A

Tons of new, unopened box and “junk” wax to be found, as well as modern and vintage cards. There were even unexpected items like G1 Transformers and original GI Joe figures, as well as sports related books and signed memorabilia.

Overall – A

This show was much bigger than the one I attended in May of 2008 and had plenty of collectors buying and selling. As expected, new wax was overpriced but there were plenty of deals to be found on autographs and game-used relics. If you collect popular guys like Ripken Jr. and Pujols, you could have spent thousands of dollars.

Below is a few of the pictures snapped by my trusty camera. Thanks to Lou for putting on another awesome show for South Florida collectors. You can expect some much better photos from the 2010 Marlins Fan Fest next week.


Review: Dania’s Card Show

The Hobby is alive and well in South Florida!

With two card shops closing down within the last month and the days of finding trading cards in every store long gone, I had given up hope of finding fellow collectors in my area outside of the Internet.

That all changed when I walked into the surreal Dania Jai-Alai building on Saturday and then again Sunday. Somehow, Lou, the mastermind behind the monthly show, managed to fill the building full of dealers who not only brought a little something for every type of collector (except Jose Canseco fans) but also didn’t live and die by Beckett’s price guide.

I saw everything from unopened, new wax and today’s most popular “hits” and singles to a beautiful 1933 Goudey Babe Ruth and a perfect Ted Williams rookie card. On Saturday, the room was packed full of collectors who all hung around till 8 P.M. for the auction and bid on a Honus Wagner game-used bat, among other items.

On Sunday, the crowd was much smaller . Only about half the dealers returned but those lucky enough to spend $20 dollars had their names entered into a raffle for a $500 dollar prize to be spent at the show. The catch was that you had to walk onto the Jai Alai court (with players, fans, and drunks watching) and hit the wall from the serving line.

The winner of the raffle failed to do so but Lou still gave him a $100 dollar shopping spree for his effort. As for my own experience, as expected, not many dealers had much of any Jose Canseco cards but a few promised they’d find everything they could for the next show in a month.

The card industry may be a mess and the country in a year long recession but for two days this weekend, Lou managed to turn this small room into the greatest experience a card collector living in South Florida could ever have outside of a national card show.

You can bet my stack of Vicodin (see here) that I will be there next month!

You can view the Dania Card Show website HERE.


This morning I woke up with more joy than I have in quite sometime. Today was the day of the Dania Card Show, a monthly show I have been putting off for months. The last time I attended a card show, Jose Canseco was the most popular baseball player on the planet and George Bush was still in office.

I had been talking with Lou, the guy that runs the show for a couple of weeks now and I had promised him I’d take some new photos so he could add them to his website. What I did not count on was the close to 100 tables full of wax, 5,000 ct. boxes, and other baseball card-related goodies that entranced me from the moment I walked in.

For a couple of hours, I stood in front of low tables full of cards going through every single one until I found this Upper Deck Vintage Jose Canseco that I did not have. When I was about to look up in joy from finally finding a card I needed I was struck with the most pain I have ever felt. It was so strong that I could not even breathe.

I did the best I could to walk out of the show and sit on a chair for an hour trying to recover and when it appeared that it would not happen, Tatiana and I headed for the local hospital. I have suffered from chronic back pain since I was 15 due to a car accident I was in but this was something too powerful to fight with a couple of Aspirin tablets.

Well, I just made it home with a prescription for Vicodin and a new Jose Canseco card to proudly add to my collection. Tomorrow is the final day of the card show and I will once again make my way in hopes of finding more Canseco goodies, only this time I will make sure to stretch before I hit the card boxes.

You can expect photos and a review of the show on Monday!