Is there room for one more magazine?

There was once a time when you couldn’t hit a local book store/magazine stand without finding multiple trading card related magazines. Today, the only two left are Beckett and Sports Collectors Monthly. The problem is that both of those magazines feature outlandish, inaccurate price guides that so many collectors rely on.

My version of a perfect baseball card magazine would feature no such thing as a price guide. Instead, I would point collectors to eBay, the only true meter for measuring what your card is worth. If you have some rare, low-numbered parallel with no recent auctions, put it up and see what it brings. Simple?

Along with multiple, diverse commentaries, the magazine would also including a Top 20 list of cards that are hot and since it would be a monthly magazine, a complete checklist of new products. So if you have three releases in the month of March, in the April issue you would have three complete checklists to look through.

At the moment there are several online magazines related to the hobby. Recently, Card Informant released an online card magazine, Insider’s Edge is now selling hard copies, and other sites are working on their future products. Clearly this new format is becoming the next step in blogging. Why settle for a magazine published by companies who rely on sponsors?

Wax Heaven cannot go on forever, at least not on this pace. I believe the day this site closes it will be to start a bi-monthly magazine to focus on commentary and old school box breaks. It will in no way attempt to compete with anyone, online or in book stores, but it will definitely have that Wax Heaven flavor that has made this site popular.

What would make the perfect baseball card magazine for you?


Andrew Miller shuts down the Braves?

For the first time in five attempts this season, Andrew Miller has won a baseball game for the Florida Marlins. His previous poor outings had ravaged his hobby hype so much that his autographs were going for $5-$8 a piece on eBay and usually no higher. I am not like other fans who enjoy being able to pick up a cheap cards when a player’s numbers go down, though. I’d rather see Miller live up to the potential he has and have his cards skyrocket again even if that means I can’t afford most of the nicer ones.

I am a little worried about Miller’s hits given up (39) compared to innings pitched (22.7), though. It’s also a little scary that he has allowed 21 runs but all should work itself out once Andrew gets in the groove. Hopefully by the end of May we should have a line-up that looks a bit like this: Hanley Ramirez, Dan Uggla, Jeremy Hermida, Mike Jacobs, Cameron Maybin, & Josh Willingham, among a couple of others. I hate to say it since it’s so early in the season but with a batting line-up like that, it’s clear to everyone that we are now contenders. It’s an insane reality considering Alex Rodriguez makes more money than our entire team but that’s the way it works out sometimes. Now if only Fredi Gonzalez would let Luis Gonzalez start every other game. I have a feeling with more at-bats he could easily be a 20-home run guy for the team. Unfortunately, there is just nowhere to put him.

Now back to Andrew Miller. Every time he wins a game I am going to feature one of his cards from my collection. The first win of the season means I have no choice but to feature the first Andrew Miller I have ever owned. It came in a pack of 2007 SPx that Tatiana and I busted a few months before creating Wax Heaven. It was an awesome box and I can’t wait for 2008 to come out. When I pulled it, not only did I not know who he was, I also had no clue that it had a $50 Beckett book value.

Heavenly Collections – Will Clark

This is officially the last Heavenly Collections feature, thanks for everyone who submitted their collections!

Growing up in the 80’s you had many interesting, larger than life characters to choose as your favorite baseball player. Some of us went towards the legendary Nolan Ryan, others went for the flash & hype of Bo Jackson, and some like myself went straight to the “Bad Boy” of baseball, the Cuban Babe Ruth, Jose Canseco. Drew on the other hand was a fan of two of the more classy ball players, Tony Gwynn and Cal Ripken Jr. One day while watching the 1989 World Series, against the Oakland A’s, Drew discovered Will “The Thrill” Clark and the rest is as they say, history!

Over the years Drew took a break from collecting while finishing up college but eventually returned full steam into the hobby and back to his one of a kind Will Clark collection. He even began a website to chronicle his collection. To this day, it is easily the best-looking player collection website I have ever visited. It’s clear that Drew is as dedicated to his collection as Will Clark was to the game and it shows. Currently Drew possesses over 1,900 different Will Clark baseball cards, including more than 100 game/used relic cards, and close to 90 autographed cards.

To check out Drew’s Will Clark tribute site click HERE.

$50 for an eBay reprint?

I absolutely love the underdog. While most people today are filling up their collection with Derek Jeter, Albert Pujols, and Ichiro Suzuki, I am doing everything I can to get my hands on another Andrew Miller or Ozzie Canseco baseball card. As a kid, Nolan Ryan was one of my favorites growing up but to me it was the other Met that I always felt got the short-end of the stick. I am talking about Tom Seaver, who wins the award for “Least Likely To Be Named An Underdog”. I mean, on paper Seaver was probably a better all-around pitcher but in the hobby only one man could live up to unbelievable hype and that man was Nolan Ryan.

Seaver won 20 or more games 5 times, won the Cy Young three times, and was in the top 10 in the M.V.P voting 4 different times in his 20-year career. Nolan on the other hand played 27 years, struck out over 5,000 batters, and threw 7 no-hitters. Game over. So as much as I like Tom Seaver, why did one of his rookie cards just sell on eBay for close to $50 when it clearly stated (sort of) that it was a reprint not once but twice? Also, why did close to 20 people bid on it? Am I missing something? Should I print out some 1986 Donruss Rated Rookie Jose Canseco cards and start throwing them up on eBay?