Topps Heritage: The Review

Author: Matt Warburg To start with, I should thank Mario & Topps for arranging for me to receive a free box to review. Although I have collected Heritage on and off since its inception (2001-2005, 2007, 2009), for reasons which will become clear later in the review this is the first box I have ripped... Continue Reading →

A Day of Fun at the Dania Card Show

Author: Mario Alejandro For a collector of sports cards, there's just nothing quite like attending a well-organized and active card show. As popular as collecting is on the Internet thanks to popular message boards and blogs, it just isn't that huge in every state. For example, in the early 90s I had four card shops... Continue Reading →

The Five Elements of Good Card Design

Author: Matt W. So here’s the question. What makes you want to buy a card? Obviously, if you are a player or team collector, the player or team featured on the card will be significant factors in guiding your decision. Giants’ fans like myself generally don’t have too much interest in buying cards of Dodgers... Continue Reading →

Upper Deck: Where Do We Go From Here?

Author: Mario Alejandro It looks like I picked a perfect time to walk away from blogging about the sports cards industry. In my short time away, Upper Deck was sued by Konami for an unforgivable act, released the final 2009 products with logos in full view, and were sued by Major League Properties just days... Continue Reading →

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