Someone Knew Bonds’ Secret in 1993

Take a look at this surreal 1993 Colla Collection Barry Bonds baseball card. It features a drawing of the San Fransisco slugger having an unknown substance pumped into his arm. The title of the card, which can be found on the back is "The Juice". No seriously, I'm not kidding. While the card fits into... Continue Reading →

Collectors don’t care about Steroids

Check out the final price on this 2005 Bowman's Best dual autograph featuring disgraced home run heroes, Barry Bonds and Alex Rodriguez. For a card featuring two guys who will likely never come close to making the Hall of Fame, the card sure did reach a surprisingly high price. According to the seller, odds of... Continue Reading →

Cardboard Wars – Bonds vs. Arod

When it came to baseball villains, I used to think there was no bigger a bad guy than Barry Bonds. He was a player who from his early days with the Pirates was about as unlikeable a human being as we have ever seen step on a field. After an encounter with a shirtless Jose... Continue Reading →

Card of the Day – Pinnacle Skylines

Nobody is perfect, not even my all-time favorite brand, Pinnacle. I can spend hours writing about why I love Pinnacle but it would be unfair not to bring up a few of their failures. In my opinion, 1996 Pinnacle Skylines was one of them. The thing is, despite how worthless I feel these cards are...... Continue Reading →

Alfonso Soriano’s stock rising

To say that putting together a "40-40" season is a great thing would be the understatement of the year. In 1988, the year Jose Canseco created the club he won the Most Valuable Player award unanimously. It took more than ten years before Barry Bonds joined the club, followed by Alex Rodriguez two years later.... Continue Reading →

Barry Bonds, this was your life…

It's funny how things work out. The slugger who holds both the single-season and career home run record is out of baseball and about to go on trial. His fate, ultimately in the hands of Major League "failure", Bobby Estalella. A man who hit less than 50 career home runs in just under a decade... Continue Reading →

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