Derek Jeter & 3,000 Hits

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few months, odds are you know about Derek Jeter's most recent accomplishment of leading the New York Yankees franchise in career hits. While ESPN, bloggers, and other sports fans swear he's the greatest of all-time, Jeter is actually on pace for a much more meaningful... Continue Reading →

Is Baseball Back To Normal?

Maybe it's just me but didn't it seem not too long ago that everyone who could hit the ball to the outfield eventually reached 500 career home runs? What was once a prestigious accomplishment back during my childhood had become a common sight to baseball fans. The most recent member of the 500 Home Run... Continue Reading →

Frank Thomas released!

Two-time Most Valuable Player winner and member of the 500-Home Run club Frank Thomas has just been released by the Toronto Blue Jays! Thomas, who had gotten off to a terrible start had been benched and was not happy about it. The very next day after talking to the media, he was out of a... Continue Reading →

The biggest bargain in the hobby

I may talk a lot of trash about Alex Rodriguez but I know a good ball player when I see one. Today, despite new allegations from Mr. Steroid himself, Jose Canseco, there is still little proof to show that Alex ever cheated to get where he is in baseball. Last night Alex became the sole... Continue Reading →

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