2009: The Year of the Buyback

In a year in which Upper Deck’s MLB license was revoked, the Carlsbad, California company still managed to get the upper hand when it came to big time pulls. From a classic 1989 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr. hand-numbered autograph buyback, to two Derek Jeter SP rookie buybacks, they have managed to win over even the most bitter collector.

While none of the three different 2009 Upper Deck autographed buybacks could be labeled “rare” by today’s standards, they still sold for astonishing prices on the secondary market, including a couple of $2,000 dollar+ sales for the iconic Junior ’89 Upper Deck on eBay.

With a few more releases on the way including Sweet Spot and Ultimate Collection, could one final autographed buyback be on the way? Perhaps a 1994 SP of one of the greatest sluggers of our time before controversy hit his life. Of course, I’m talking about Alex Rodriguez and his beloved 1994 SP rookie.

Only time will tell if Upper Deck can hit one final home run in 2009.

Ken Griffey Jr.