I Was Never A Math Person

25 08 2009

Correct me if I’m wrong, please.

Dave & Adam’s has 3-box cases of 2008-’09 Exquisite Basketball for $2,025 a case. Now, if I were to buy 40 cases to bust that would equate to $81,000, right? That number is mind blowing.

YouTube user “allenmpc” went through 40 cases and posted the results.



With $665 I’d rather buy…

13 08 2009

2008-’09 Upper Deck Exquisite Basketball is live.

For $665 (or higher) you are promised five cards (4 hits, 1 base).

Here are some things you could buy instead of a pack of Exquisite Basketball.

1983 Cadillac SevilleA little work and you could be pimpin’ in style

Samsung 32″ HDTVOriginal Sega Dreamcast video game console not included

Sensuous MassageAs long as you know it’s Ronald McDonald’s twin sister doing it