Card of the Day – ’98 Metal Universe

Before I even begin writing about Metal Universe you should probably ask yourself if this is the kind of product that you would be into. Basically, if you collect for the fun and excitement of pulling a rare or unique card definitely stick around. If your idea of collecting involves going through a 5,000 count box of 2004 Topps Total or are simply a collecting snob who looks down on non-prospect or high-end products, click HERE.

Now, if you are still here then you probably know exactly what Fleer/Skybox Metal Universe was all about. How it made its baseball debut in 1996 with comic book-inspired themes and all foil fronts. Even back then, Metal Universe was a bit tacky but no one could say it wasn’t innovative. Their inserts, especially the hard to find ones are some of the most unique of all-time, something that Fleer will always be remembered for.

This wonderful card came courtesy of “Topher”, a Wax Heaven reader and published author! I just want to thank you for reading the site and sending a few 90’s cards my way. In a few hours I will post a tribute to Metal Universe featuring none other than Derek Jeter, so stay tuned!

P.S – Old School Box Breaks just did a box break of this (link).