Nothing but love for ’97 Bowman Chrome

If you go to the ‘Best of Wax Heaven’ you will find a post written many months ago about my love/hate relationship with 1997 Bowman Chrome (LINK). Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely loved B.C (and every ’97 release) but because it got incredibly hot so quickly, I just could not afford it and ultimately decided to walk away from the Hobby rather than continue suffering from it.

Fast forward more than a decade to my return to the Hobby. Just recently I did the unthinkable and busted ’97 Pinnacle Certified and today thanks to Joe Cuevas of Cincy Reds Cards, I busted a beautiful, “MOJO”-filled box of 1997 Bowman Chrome.

Not only did I pull the Jose Cruz Jr. I always wanted (I have it by now), I also got a current Marlins player, Wes Helms and six Refractors. It may have taken eleven years to come to fruition but ’97 Bowman Chrome was definitely worth the wait! A HUGE thanks goes out to Joe and although it wasn’t official before, consider every single Reds player I ever pull yours. As a bonus, Eric Slette, a blog reader who has made a name for himself due to his generosity is also pulling aside some Reds cards for you.

Finally, here is the 18-minute video box break of Bowman Chrome. It’s definitely a must-watch for any true baseball card collector who’s been at it for more than a few years. After the video, make sure to drop by Joe’s BLOG for some unique Reds posts.

As always, click the image for the full-size scan.